New Set Announcement: Napoleon's Women Camp Followers!

New Set Announcement: Napoleon's Women Camp Followers!

Inspired by Osprey's recently released book by Terry Crowdy and Christa Hook, we would like to announce today WAANW000 Napoleon's Women Camp Followers. 

This 48 figure set will give you everything you need to build a veritable army of camp followers including the vivandieres, cantinieres, laundresses, wives, mothers, lovers, their children, pets, and farm animals along with the necessary equipment and supplies to do their jobs. 

We have just today started on this set so it will be some time before it arrives. Possibly not until next April 1st. But here is a preview of the first sculpt to tide you over. 

Sculpted by Thieu Duong 

While you wait pick up a box or three of our existing Napoleonic sets: 

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William Rosevear - April 17, 2021

I want this too! The people have spoken ! Build the followers! Build the followers! Build the followers! leads the chanting hordes

Benjamin MacConnell - April 15, 2021

Obviously, you meant this as a joke. But there are loads of people who would unironically buy kits for non-uniformed civilians/townsfolk. That kind of thing is surprisingly difficult to find in plastic, let alone in bulk for a decent price.

It would be useful if you had a sprue that came with both male and female bodies/heads, and a mixture of everyday objects and “angry mob weapons”.

M Fitzgerald - April 11, 2021
A box of napoleonic civilians, camp folk, courtiers, nobles…that would be amazing. There’s simply nothing like it, the possibilities!
Terry Crowdy - April 5, 2021

Thanks for the publicity. You’ll have to make them now!

Rufus - April 4, 2021

Now you’ve done it. Floated a trial balloon that really excites the market. Do it! Bonuses for getting them available by November. Focus, financial salvation is at stake.

Gordon Nichols - April 4, 2021

A pity these are just a joke, because you guys could sell this set like mad. The conversion potential is simply huge, and there really aren’t sets like this on the market. While the posters above speak of historical and fantasy applications, how about sci-fi? With modern (read: Death Fields’) rifles and other goodies they could work as settlers on a distant colony world, or rebels fighting against the ‘evil empire’. They could even work for present day folks as well, with a little work. Give the lady up top a hijab, a Molotov, maybe an RPG or an AK, and you’ve got somebody from right off today’s newspaper coverage of the wars in the Middle East.

Brooks L Flugaur-Leavitt - April 3, 2021

I would absolutely buy this kit. More realistic female miniatures is an absolute boon, and multi-part non-uniformed figures are very rare.

Iain W - April 3, 2021

Well I would buy a box if it wasn’t a joke!
Best Iain

Axel - April 3, 2021

This would have been my first Napoleonic purchase for some 6 years, mainly for conversion possibilities.

Jacob - April 3, 2021

Yeah, like most of the other commenters I’d have bought this if only it was real.

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