New Set Announcement: Trolls!

New Set Announcement: Trolls!

The sculpting team has been hard at work on a great new addition to the Classic Fantasy range: Trolls! 

This is just the initial sculpting and no posing has been done yet (no, they're not just going to be standing around looking big!) 

Let us know what you think below while we keep working on them! 

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Ean Paul Simcox - September 3, 2021

they look great. even standing as they are they look menacing. would add to the clamour for some sci fi weapons

Dick Burdine - September 3, 2021

To echo others they look more ogre than troll to me, but some variety and nods to cartoony old GW or to Scandinavian trolls would be very cool! All about some ugly bug guys!

JH - September 3, 2021

This are fantastic! An army worthy of Mordor.

Any chance of a helmet or two that mirror the Angus McBride-type flat one with horns worn by some of the goblins? It would help link the figures across the sets, and give more of an impression that they were part of the same army.

Franck - September 3, 2021

They look awesome, very reminiscent of the trolls from Mordor in LOTR.
I wish you’ll do a set of more cartoonish trolls with crests, long nose and ears and long limbs, they would do great base material for funny conversions in other games like warhammer ^^ anyway, very good job on these!

Erik Rockne - September 3, 2021

Wow…even if you don’t go with a sci-fi option…these are intense! What a great idea and now I have to get these as well…I might as well do an allotment from my pay at this rate…keep up the good work!

Lee - September 3, 2021

I just wanted to add to the chorus of including a sci-fi option. I use several of your model boxes as proxies for my wargaming and these would look great in a sci-fi setting! Keep up the good work!

Kevin Scrivner - September 3, 2021

Now, now. Is it nice to be trolling your customers like this?

These guys do look intimidating. I like the expressive faces on the non-helmeted heads. Somebody hasn’t had his coffee this morning, has he?

Paul Wilkinson - September 3, 2021

Wow. More head variety and some body movement options would be great. Just a thought if there was alot of head variety some might be used as trolls and others as ogres, even a two headed troll would be great to see as well. Cant wait for this set. Still waiting for real Orcs, goblins are great but they need some bigger stronger cousins , PLEASE add Orcs to you release list.

Glorious Grunt - September 2, 2021

These are looking great! As others have mentioned, different heads would make this kit go a looooong way, Cyclops, minotaurs, sci-fi etc could be useful!

Ernesto Rodriguez - September 2, 2021

Add space samurai to death fields

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