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New Set Coming: Lizardmen

New Set Coming: Lizardmen

Officially part of our Classic Fantasy range, the Lizardmen are going to include parts to allow them to be used for fantasy (spear and sword), VSF: Victorian Science Fiction (homegrown muskets and British ones), and straight sci-fi (a stub-nosed banana-clip auto-rifle)

Sculpting for this set has completed and they are currently with the tool room. They are the fifth set in line (including Grognard Command and the Eisenkern) but will hopefully be with us before 2020 is finally, thankfully, over.

The final number in the box is not determined yet and nothing is final until the mold is cut. We will keep you updated on their progress.


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Loren - September 29, 2020

Just a thought, but adding wings to the kit (or as a seperate add-on) would let these guys be built as dragonmen/draconian.

Wayne - September 26, 2020

Yes I think the same and I think there outstanding work I want a box or two

Loren - September 25, 2020

These look great! I can’t wait to get some.
How tall will they be?
Is there a cultural theme for the fantasy options?

Gordon Nichols - September 25, 2020

These guys remind me of the old T’rana lizard guys from the old ‘Strike Team Alpha’ sci-fi wargame from Gamescience back in the 1970s. Retro rayguns and grenade launchers would be nice to see on the frames, as well as some sort of mounted troops. These guys look cool.

Andrew Clements - September 25, 2020

These look good, and great idea to make them usable in different settings, although I do like the idea of giving them a retro raygun option.

Y. Whateley - September 25, 2020

I don’t suppose we could dare hope for some Victorian British soldiers, and some adventurers/explorers/missionaries, perhaps with “steampunk” style options?

Something tells me we should really be taking dirigibles full of those characters to lost worlds, hidden plateaus, and hollow-earth caverns full of Victorian sci-fi lizard men and their kind!

And, I wonder what all we could do with some hard plastic kits of neanderthal/cromagnon/“missing-link” guys, armed with a few optional retro sci-fi ray guns, rifles, and the like? Just add some WWII bombed-out ruins for tabletop scatter terrain, and let your post-apocalyptic sci-fi wargame begin….

Y. Whateley - September 25, 2020

Oh, right on! I’m digging these great, outside-the-box sets that are like nothing anyone else is doing, and these pulp sci-fi and fantasy friendly lizard-men are fantastic!

It’s easy to find ways to add strange miniature lines into existing role-playing and war games, and easy to home-brew RPG and wargame systems to accommodate these offbeat miniatures, but much harder to find more imaginative plastic miniature kits, things that don’t fit into the usual, safe historical, D&D and Warhammer 40K pigeon-holes (where fantasy elves, dwarves, orcs, and goblins are everywhere for fantasy gamers, space marines, space orcs, and space goblins are easy to find for sci-fi gamers, and medieval and dark ages and US and British and German WWII figures are common enough for historical gamers, but slim pickings are available for anything a little more adventurous!)

Wargames Atlantic is producing some of the most exciting new hard-plastic miniatures kits available anywhere – I can’t wait to see what else the future brings, and I’m hoping lots of other gamers out there are as interested in things like Victorian sci-fi lizardmen and sci-fi spiders as I am!

Knight of Infinite Resignation - September 25, 2020

YES, retro ray guns so we can use them as Space Slann! WW2 guns aren’t really great for sci-fi. Weird War 2 sure, but they won’t look right in a 40k army.

Vane - September 25, 2020

The two unnamed sets in between better be Aztecs and Conquistadors or we will have words

Brendon - September 25, 2020

Lizard men look pretty good so far.

Please, please, make raptor style dino-cav. I’ve been looking for non affordable raptor cavalry for years. Lizardmen riding raptor mounts with psuedo-AKs is practically a dream come true.

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