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New WW2 Set: Panzer Lehr!

New WW2 Set: Panzer Lehr!

The second set in our World Ablaze WW2 range can now be revealed: Panzer Lehr! 

Work-in-Progress Artwork by Peter Dennis

This elite unit was formed from veterans who participated in the fighting on the Eastern Front, North Africa, and Sicily and was outfitted with the latest equipment of the German war machine. Formed late in the war, they took part in some of the heaviest fighting in France in 1944 until their eventual surrender in April 1945 within Germany. 

This will be a 30-figure set with a great number of options including arms and bits to convert them into regular tank crew. 

Above is the sprue layout prepared for tooling.

Selection of some of the unique parts in the set. 

The sixth body and additional parts to build tank crew.

This set is being prepared for tooling but there is no release date as of yet. Three other World War 2 sets are in development now as well for later this year. Sign up for our email below to be kept up to date on our latest releases.

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Pierre Lerdou-Udoy - April 30, 2021

That’s a very interesting kit in view.

Beware ! The two visible buttons on the jacket (Panzerjacke) are not good at all (in reality, they all were hidden, except on the upper right part).

At this stage of the project, we can only use the 5th grey body (and the brown one) to make a Panzer- or Panzerartillery crewman. By regulation (and comfort) they didn’t have to wear ammunition pouches, leather straps or field gear (flask, Brotbeutel) on their vehicles. In action, out of the vehicle, they usually wore a simple belt with a holster on the link side, and a single MP was let aboard for the commander (NCO or Off.). Their duty was to fight on board, with collective weapons.

The men with straps, ammunitions and full combat equipement are PANZERGRENADIERE (mechanized and motorized infantry). They had to protect the vehicles and fight out of them.

Good luck !

Doug - April 29, 2021

“It would be AMAZING if arms were included that allowed a standing MG gunner to be firing his MG42 braced on the shoulders of his crouching assistant gunner.”

It’s plastic, you can easily convert… I am so tempted by these. Despite already having Winter Heer, FJ, Early War Heer, Afrika Korps (sic), Late War Heer, a Luftwaffe platoon and oh yes, another platoon of DAK. Now if someone would do plastic Gebirgsjager suitable for Normandy…

Doruk - April 29, 2021

I did NAZI that coming…

Corentin - April 29, 2021

For a german troop at this period, some stg44 would have been great, especially for an elite unit.

(Please forgive my approximative english, I’m french 😁)

Mike F - April 29, 2021

Bleh, market has enough Nazi rubbish.

Sean Tighe - April 29, 2021

I have just noticed the bodies are sculpted wearing the SS cut of the jacket.
This is incorrect for Lehr. It should be the Wehrmacht cut.
On the SS cut the wrap over part is almost vertical, for the WH it has a rather pronounced slope.

Sean Tighe - April 29, 2021

What’s the curious raised band around each cuff?
Not sure it’s a feature of the originals.

Adrian Teoh Kim Mun - April 29, 2021

I already have Waffen SS, Fallschirmjäger, Pioneers, Wehrmacht and Panzer Grenadiers. Should I get these too?

Justin - April 28, 2021

Would strongly recommend ditching the Luger P08s and going for Walther P38 pistols. More Lugers were produced world wide over it’s entire production life, but there weren’t nearly as many actually in German service in the 1940s as there were P38s. Other than that, great kit.

And for the the people asking “Where’s the assault rifles?” If this is scaled similarly to the French Resistance set, then Warlord Games kits will be compatible at the shoulder joints, meaning you can just use some of the thousands of extras assault rifle arms people have from WG’s german kits to outfit your WGA kits. Same for G43s. I know a lot of us probably played Company of Heroes on the PC for years and got used to seeing Panzer Lehr troops with these weapons, but in reality, they never had them.

Shaun Gooch - April 28, 2021

A nice surprise!

Whilst WW2 is not usually on my radar. I certainly will pick up these. I owned the for flames of war and it’s nice to see them being realised in 28mm now.

I would have liked the inclusion of make shift camo helmets, as was used, utilising bits of foliage.

Keep up the great work and produce Crimean War British Grenadier Guards! Please!!!

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