New WW2 Set: Panzer Lehr!

New WW2 Set: Panzer Lehr!

The second set in our World Ablaze WW2 range can now be revealed: Panzer Lehr! 

Work-in-Progress Artwork by Peter Dennis

This elite unit was formed from veterans who participated in the fighting on the Eastern Front, North Africa, and Sicily and was outfitted with the latest equipment of the German war machine. Formed late in the war, they took part in some of the heaviest fighting in France in 1944 until their eventual surrender in April 1945 within Germany. 

This will be a 30-figure set with a great number of options including arms and bits to convert them into regular tank crew. 

Above is the sprue layout prepared for tooling.

Selection of some of the unique parts in the set. 

The sixth body and additional parts to build tank crew.

This set is being prepared for tooling but there is no release date as of yet. Three other World War 2 sets are in development now as well for later this year. Sign up for our email below to be kept up to date on our latest releases.

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Steve - April 28, 2021

I would like to see the STG 44

JTam - April 28, 2021

Great set that fills a large void.

Beside the Panzer Lehr, photographic evidence shows other panzergrenadiers on the Western and Eastern front adopting the assault jackets in the late war.

It would be AMAZING if arms were included that allowed a standing MG gunner to be firing his MG42 braced on the shoulders of his crouching assistant gunner.

Charly - April 28, 2021

Definitely looking forward to this kit! Looks great! And for the Normandy campaign the weapon loadout is spot on. Ardennes were mostly fought in winter gear and only spring 1945 may have seen StG44 etc.
Concerning the comment above about the name: “Panzer Lehr” is an abbreviation for “Panzer Lehrdivision” (tank training division), not for any kind of “Panzergruppe” or “Kampfgruppe”. Keep on the good work and research!

Marian M.-H. - April 28, 2021

And maybe you should change the name to “Panzergruppe Lehr”

Marian M.-H. - April 28, 2021

And maybe you should change the name to “Panzergruppe Lehr”

Tony Ormandy - April 28, 2021

Thank you, this look great. Are they out ? and are you going to do a panzerschreck ?, mortar crew, medium machine gun team and last a gun crew for anti-tank gun. Please keep up the great work.
Thank you
Tony Ormandy

Edward Sartorius - April 28, 2021


Allen - April 28, 2021

I’ll bet good money one of the other sets is Italians?

Marian M.-H. - April 28, 2021

Im missing G43 and StG44 in the sprue

But very cool to make them to crew members

Steve - April 28, 2021

will there be a machine gun belt for wrapping round the neck …and when r u looking at releasing these?
Please keep up with good work

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