Now Available Through Golden Distribution

Now Available Through Golden Distribution


Santa Clara, CA – June 7, 2019. Golden Distribution has entered into an agreement with Wargames Atlantic LLC to distribute the manufacturer’s plastic figure sets in the United States. Wargames Atlantic is a new manufacturer of 28mm hard plastic sets for wargamers and painters. Their first sets, Classic Fantasy Skeleton Infantry and Death Fields Raumjäger Infantry, were released in May with Halflings and Dark Age Irish coming later this year among other new hard plastic sets. There are several more science fiction, fantasy, and historical sets in development.

"We are excited to offer Wargames Atlantic’s plastic miniatures to our store partners,” said Phil Lacefield Jr., VP Sales of Golden Distribution. “Great hard plastic miniatures are always in demand with wargamers and painters.“

“We’re excited to have Golden introduce our products to store owners across the country,” said Hudson Adams, President of Wargames Atlantic. “We hope to provide a steady march of new releases into their warehouse and out to the stores.”

This agreement is an excellent opportunity to combine Golden’s experience and expertise in distribution while allowing Wargames Atlantic to focus on designing fantastic plastic miniatures. Both companies look forward to bringing new quality products to the wargames community.

About Golden Distribution
Golden Distribution International is a wholesale distributor of hobby gaming products such as: Miniatures, Table-top Wargames, Board Games, Card Games, Roleplaying Games, Dice, Accessories & More!  The website is:

About Wargames Atlantic LLC
Wargames Atlantic is a new manufacturer of 28mm hard plastic wargames figures. Monthly releases will be divided between the Death Fields science fiction range, the Classic Fantasy range, and various historical periods starting with Dark Age Irish and Achaemenid Persians. With warehousing in the USA, UK, and China they hope to provide a fast and local delivery to most customers purchasing directly from the website and through partnerships with distributors like Golden to retail traders worldwide. The website is:

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