Ooh Rah Planning to "Get Some"

Ooh Rah Planning to "Get Some"

The Ooh Rah are a relatively new team to the Death Fields Circuit having only been established a little over a century ago. Comprised of members of the 33rd Marine Expeditionary Unit, the team was abducted during a colonial uprising on New Florida. An upcoming star on the circuit, the Ooh Rah bring the highly-trained and multi-disciplinary approach honed into them as America's force-in-readiness across her expanding interstellar empire (still thousands of light years from true galactic civilization) They are a team to watch.


As we prepare this new faction for Death Fields, we have outfitted them with standard rifles (including underslung grenade launcher), pistols, shotguns, and a squad support weapon. What other weapon types would you like us to try to include in the set? Comment below or in the forum.


Please note only one head type is shown here. There are several others.
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Stilton Disco - June 11, 2022

Look like absolute badasses. Weapon wise something more akin to the smartgun would be cool, a flamethrower is a must, a plasma rifle would be a hood nod to a throw away line in Aliens, and a compact rocket launcher, based on the one in the Colonial Marines Technical Manual would be ace.

Travis Johnson - June 11, 2022

Your mission if you chose to accept it, design the first military issued, “tactical chainsaw”. Ps, “chainsword” is a cop out. Come up with something sweet!

Darren - June 11, 2022

Hmm, weapons?

Rocket Launcher, Flamer and light man portable Mortar, maybe some close combat weapons like Shock Batons, Knuckle Duster armed hands and Tasers.

Personally I’d like to see accessories like Medic Kits, Binoculars (both stowed and held), Maps held in hands, small details like that to add character to teams.

alexpainter - June 11, 2022

I fully agree with the Halo’s type enclosed helmets, for heavy weapons and female soldiers I think it’s best wait for a dedicated box, as seen for Cannon Fodder & Grognards. Perhaps a “General Utility” box could be useful for pouches & magazines/ammo boxes, useful for every modern/near future soldiers. Only think that let me perplexed is their shortsleeves, the naked forearm would be too vulnerable to offences, scratches, this was the reason that shorts were prohibited in NA and then in the Pacific.

Eric - June 11, 2022

Just saw the suggestion, closed ODST style helmets would be awesome!

Eric - June 11, 2022

Oh I’m so in for these lads.

Plasma weapon, SMAW style rocket launcher maybe? Sniper rifle for sure. Shotguns for sure. Possibly based on Hick’s shotty? Flamethrower’s always a good one, maybe go with one based on the WWII Marine Corps flamethrower? Power sword for the officer based on the Marine mameluke sword? A “big honking machete”? Chain sword would be good.

Thinking out loud, a riot/boarding shield could be a nice bit to get one’s hands on. As would kit for making one Marine a “Devil Doc” Navy Corpsman.

Another fun bit you could add in? Marine war dogs are a thing, specifically the Corps used the Doberman Pinscher back in WW2. Could be fun to do a Cyber Dobie as a bonus.

Honestly any bits that allow you to form these guys into a… hit squad shall we say under the current rules for the legendary Hit Squad table top game’s 9E rules for veteran troopers would be wildly appreciated.

Kit suggestions for more Death Fields units? Ghurkas and ANZACers. Slavs with Soviet inspired detailing to produce… uh. You know who I’m nodding my head at. Lawrence’s desert raiders?

Bart - June 11, 2022

These guys look like the USMC from COD Advanced Warfare. So cool I will paint them to look as such!

Red Bee - June 11, 2022

This looks like a fantastic force already! Great balance of versatility for multiple games without being to bland. These will be a blast to paint up.

Owen - June 10, 2022

Definitely pre ordering these!

Ron - June 10, 2022

How about a "scarred "head = Tom Berenger/Sgt Barnes from PLATOON

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