Ooh Rah preparing to "Get Some"

  • Check out the announcement and comment below! 

  • Yeah, these look really good. I dont know what I will use them for, but I definitely want a box. I do hope we get some female heads so I can add a Vasquez to my unit.

  • @William Redford will be a second set if there is demand


  • @Hudson Adams Based on all the reactions I have seen, as well as my own. I am betting there will be. I am not a modern or scifi gamer really, and you have me excited for this set. So that probably is a good indicator. 

  • I've been waiting on these from the first teasers so I'm glad to see how they turned out.


  • @Grumpy Gnome Like I said on Dakka. I hope THIS set doesnt get more over the top american changes. This one does a good job of capturing the Aliens/Starship troopers/Cadians feel. I hope it stays that way. As Wargames Atlantic said on Facebook that there will be other "American" sets, let the next one capture that feel. 

    But A dedicated female marine set would be awesome.

  • @William Redford I dont think it needs anything, honestly. Although I wouldn't turn up my nose at optional parts I could use on other figures. Cowboy hats for instance are useful for Rangers in post apocalytpic games.



  • I do have questions about the rifles barrel area...is it twin barrels alongside each other with the rifle barrel on one side and the grenade launcher on the other? Or are those supports, honestly reminds me of the Fallout 4 Gauss rifle a little.

    Edit: Having seen the carbine, it seems the barrel is hidden behind the squared barrel end of the grenade launcher.


  • This set looks awesome.  You can do Aliens, you can do near future, you can do 40K with it.  Awesome.  

    I'm not sure how you could make it more "American" and I don't know why you would want to.  If you really need to capture the true spirit of the American fighting man just include a head with a giant dip in his lower lip.

  • Reference:

    The weapons look great so far.


    it would be nice if this guy had a slung rifle, or the rifle in his weak hand:

    This is probably more pistols arms than one needs:

    (Pistols are near useless now in combat and I don't see that changing a couple hundred years from now.)

    I think we definitely need a flamethrower:

    The what looks like a machinegun is nice:

    But surely an external support harness would be helpful? ;)


  • Yeah... I like that guys... a bunch of boxes for me... 👍

  • Umm Lieutenant... what do those Pulse rifles fire?

  • @JTam Those pistols are going to be very useful, head swap and these are marine pilots. They will also be useful for those using them as Police/Corporate Security in Cyberpunk games and I'm sure there will be other games like Stargrave where you need pistol armed troops.



  • @John Wilson 

    Fair enough.  

    A pilot mini would actually be awesome.