Our Holiday Contest!

Our Holiday Contest!

 Here Comes Santa! (Or At Least Some of His Elves Here at Wargames Atlantic!)

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Philip Viverito - December 7, 2020

Would like to see AEF 1917-1918. French and Italians too!

Dave Halligan - December 7, 2020

I have two sets of the Dark Age Irish. These are only infantry, so a cavalry and/or chariot set would be useful.

One gripe I have about the infantry set is that it has 5 identical sprues, which means a whole pack of war dogs. I doubt they were as common as 20% of the army, so a little variety, even by replacing them with duplicates of other figures, could be considered.

Igor Janotti - December 6, 2020

some cyberpunk fanstasy would be nice.

Rob Van Dam - December 6, 2020

Fantastic work you guys have been doing. Keep it up!!!

Ceri De Lloyd - December 5, 2020

Thanks for asking what we’d like to see next! Would love to see some space British/zulus but I’m excited to see whatever comes next.

Nicolas Defréville - December 5, 2020

Thank you for questionning us with what we would like in miniatures !

Keep going ! Nicolas.

Iain Sloan - December 5, 2020

Great work keep going. Cold War packs would be great . Cold weather gear and regular uniforms ( regular uniforms would be usable for tropical/ desert with head/weapon swaps . M14/M16 for the US SLR/M16 for British etc.

Costin - December 5, 2020

I’ve been struggling to get a hold of some nice ww1 Austro-Hungarians to paint as Romanians and can’t find any to save my life. Would be nice to see something like that in the future, but whatever you guys do will be awesome, regardless.

Eli - December 5, 2020

Some space samurai would be pretty great

Aaron - December 5, 2020

Your sculpts and prices have been great for quality and value! Keep up the great work whatever you decide to end up making!

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