Painting Conquistadors

Painting Conquistadors

Andreas Heneborn has been painting and taking photos for the Conquistador/16th Century infantry set and we like what we see!


We previously mentioned that we ended up expanding this set from a full frame to a frame and a half to make sure we could fit all the weapon and head/helmet options we could. We think we've ended up with a much more versatile set with many more options for the 16th century and even a bit before. 

Because we expanded the set to a second tool we needed to fill up that remaining 1/2 and the parts for that other (secret for now) set is with the engineers for splits and layout. Once that's complete this will be off to tooling. 

Here are the two frames that will be in the set. You'll get 5 of each: 



Hopefully it won't be much longer until we can let you know it's in tooling. We'll be showing off the Aztec frame soon as well. 

See Andreas on Instagram @andreas.efternamn

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Benjamin MacConnell - June 2, 2021

After the Ixalan bloc from Magic: The Gathering, I’ve always been fascinated by the concept of vampire conquistadors.

Paint these guys up pale, and I’ll have my own Legion of Dusk. Might be a solid Cities of Sigmar army for Age of Sigmar. Freeguild or Black Ark Corsairs. If Soulblight Gravelords had more vampire foot soldiers, they might have been good for that. Alas.

Bill P. - May 21, 2021

@ Y Whately they actually said late 19th century not 18th. Based on other things they’ve shown two 1/2 frames can share a mold but be for completely different sets. iirc skeletons and ramjager are on one mold and French and Rifles.

Y. Whateley - May 21, 2021

So, it sounds like the mystery items from the “Here There Be Secrets” half of the second sprue will be for an unannounced 18th-century sprue – I’m intrigued on how that will work.

The simplest answer is that the two halves of the sprue will be separated for completely different kits, so anything goes, but I’m also trying to picture what sorts of 18th-century kits would crossover well with Conquistadore so that they could share parts, and it’s a fun mental exercise :)

Either way, I can’t wait to see what this unannounced 18th-century kit will be – it’s an interesting historical period, as well as a fun era for pulp and weird adventure gaming (a popular enough weird science/steampunk subject, as well as one for taking bands of eccentric and half-baked adventurers to the darkest unexplored corners of the earth – and beyond – to plunder secrets that modern man was not meant to know), so you’ve certainly got my interest!

Han - May 21, 2021

like pikes, please be pikes

Captain Badnews - May 20, 2021

They said the “secret” is an unrelated 18th century Napoleonic set… they just had room, and wanted something that could fit on that part of the sprue.

Francois Proulx - May 20, 2021

Secrets? Please be Pike, please be pikes!!!

Shaun Gooch - May 18, 2021

I think Axel is on the money here!

I too, am expecting some sci-fi take to be applied to the kit which will be revealed in the non too distant future.

Regardless. I will be buying a box or two.

And who knows. Should the kit prove popular. Perhaps, WA will release a combined Cannons and mounted Conquistadors ‘Plus dog’ kit.

I know I’d buy one.

Keep up the great work guys, and produce Crimean War British Grenadier Guards. Please!

Axel - May 17, 2021

If I have read their Facebook page correctly, the “sectrets” will make the set usable with the Death fields, so I would expect lasguns or energy helbards.

Conquistadores seem to be good material for this kind of “sport”. Perhaps that is the reason why the Spaniards never actually arrived in China – they tried but where “recruited” on their way :-)

John - May 16, 2021

My speculation on the ‘here be secrets’ part of the sprue would be hunting dogs, a small cannon with applicable arms or a horse and rider.
Also agree great for human warbands in Mordheim.

Iain Hyo-Sok Davies - May 16, 2021

I have a 3d printer and so decided not to buy any more minis.
This made me change my mind.
They’re gorgeous!

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