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FREE POSTAGE ANYWHERE IN THE WORLD when you spend over $50USD/£35 Use the button at the bottom of the page to choose your local currency.


Plastic French for WW1 and 2!

Plastic French for WW1 and 2!

On August 3rd 1914, Germany declared war on France and France reciprocated to launch "the war that would end all wars". On the 107th anniversary we are happy to launch our latest plastic set: French Infantry 1916-1940! 

This 35 figure set comes with enough options to make any of the following: 

  • Kepis
  • Adrian helmets
  • two types of gasmask in helmets
  • Senegalease Tirailleurs in cap or helmet
  • Harlem Hellfighters

And you have enough rifles to make them all WW1 or WW2 specific including LMGs and SMGs, rifle grenades, and more.

Each set comes with five of each of these sprues: 

Put your order in now and take advantage of the 3, 5, and 10 box deals. Click here to order.

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ad - December 15, 2021

Hoi, i bought a box French infantry 1916 1940. But there is no explenation for the parts in the box. Can you download them?
With the best regards.

Ad Paulus

Steve Archbold - August 27, 2021

Great looking figures. It’s a superb idea for them able to be made as WW1 or WW2! Genius!

Jason - August 9, 2021

You guys are just showing off now! Please keep making these interesting “niche filling” kits. Your guys kits make me want to find rules to play them with, which is about the biggest endorsement I can give for them!

Benjamin MacConnell - August 9, 2021

Like that each sprue has two pistol arms. Can be really useful.

Y. Whateley - August 6, 2021

I recently saw a comment somewhere from someone who was wishing the French Partisans set had more rifles, and wondering if some German arms could be kitbashed onto the French Partisan bodies… I bet they could, but it seems to me that this set of WWI & II French infantry might make a much better option for kitbashing more rifles into a French resistance: there are PLENTY of rifles here, plus some great submachineguns, some interesting machetes, some handguns and holsters, and even some grenades and machine guns to work with as well, for some especially heavily-armed resistance fighters.

With that in mind, at a glance, these uniforms aren’t very far off from those of the French gendarmerie of the era, for those who aren’t TOO picky about some small details, and that could be useful for skirmish gamers: are these gendarmes working for le Resistance, or for the Vichy government?

Wargames Atlantic has made yet another great pulp-friendly kit here, too: these look like they could easily pass for soldiers serving in French and other colonies around the world from the 1900s through the 1930s. Looks like they’d skirmish equally well with those (long overdue!) Boxer rebels, or any of a number of threats in Darkest Africa or the Middle East, or in a steampunk/Victorian Sci-fi campaign against the lizard people of Venus, or giant spiders of Leng menacing the French colonies on the hellish and haunted world of Yuggoth beyond the rim…. Between these guys and the WWI/WWII Germans, I’m eagerly looking forward to any WWI sets WA develops!

Lucian - August 5, 2021

What do they look like next to les grognards?

Lucian - August 5, 2021

Well damn. I waited the right amount of time. Between these, les grognards and cadians I will have the unit I want. Heck you for making me spend my montees!

Josh - August 4, 2021

these are amazing, please make a box of weapons teams and commanders, the current offerings from warlord are showing some serious age!

Balken K - August 4, 2021

DKoK here we go!!! Seriously, though. I’m loving the look and feel of these minis. I will definitely get a few boxes for a similar conversion Pete the Wargamer did not so long ago with a box of the WW1 Germans and a box of the Les Grognadrs.
P.S. I hope Uhlans/WW1 cavalry gets made into glorious plastic kits!

Dalton - August 4, 2021

These look great!
Question though, why do these models have built in bases on the bodies but the Death Fields line and a few others don’t?
I would think it easier to make them without the built in base.

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