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FREE POSTAGE ANYWHERE IN THE WORLD when you spend over $50USD/£35 Use the button at the bottom of the page to choose your local currency.


Preview: Napoleonic Prussian Reserve Army Builder Set

Preview: Napoleonic Prussian Reserve Army Builder Set

We teased a secret Napoleonic set along with a new kind of box - Army Builder. Now we can reveal it: 

This will be our third Napoleonic set (although the second released as the Spanish needed a bit more work) and the first of the Army Builder sets. What is an Army Builder set you ask? Well, we are happy to explain! 

An Army Builder is a new type of plastic set we are experimenting with. It's designed to let you build the bulk of your forces with a minimal amount of assembly and for a great value. Instead of 30-40 models in the box, you get a whopping 60 for the same price ($34.95 / £25) but with less parts to stick together. In this case, there is also no command included and you will have to source command from another manufacturer in either metal or plastic. This gives you the flexibility to set the ratio of command to troops in your unit depending on which set of rules you play. If you want 12-man, 24-man, 36-man, or 124-man units have at it!

Artwork by Peter Dennis

As you can see above the tooling is finished and these are preparing to ship out for a probable March release alongside the Lizardmen (two sets that are definitely meant to go together!?!?!)

We are excited to see what you think of this Army Builder idea and how we can use it for other subjects both for Napoleonics and other historical periods and perhaps even fantasy. Feel free to tell us your ideas and thoughts below. 

We will have more to show on these along with size comparison photos as we get closer to release. 

Sculpting: Thieu Duong

Painting and Photography: Matthew Leahy

Box Design: Henry Hyde

Research and Advice: Dr. Stephen Summerfield and Thomas Young



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Alexander Lisov - January 16, 2021

I think this is a great idea! Wherever large masses of monotonous soldiers are needed in a close formation, sets of such a plan will be very useful. Especially, as noted, this works well for times of linear tactics, but will work well with other times as well. Guys, you are great! I am looking forward to new sets of antique warriors (there was a very encouraging picture in the letter … :)), and I will be very glad if some of the next Army Builders contain sarissophores and thureophores.
Greetings from snowy Russia! :)

Mitchell Z - January 15, 2021

This is a wonderful idea and I can’t wait to preorder! This is by far something that will work super well for Napoleonics and I really hope you pursue this with the other nations as well.

Henry - January 11, 2021

This concept will work for most armies for the whole black powder, musket and bayonet, close order period (c1700-1865), and the march attack pose selected is the most sensible compromise in terms of historical universality (used by all armies throughout the entire period), versatility (historically justifiable in both line and column, and works well visually in both), and footprint (takes up the least horizontal space), making it compatible with any specified per figure frontage and basing system.

If you try to extend the concept backwards you encounter the problem of needing to accommodate both musketeers and pikemen in a unit, reducing the number of pose variants per each available on a sprue. The only way to get around this problem would be to make separate sets of the two troop types.

Douglas Crabtree - January 10, 2021

I think it is a very good idea although I dont do Prussians myself. I personally prefer infantry in marching poses so I would definitely go for it if there was British, French, Portugeuse or Spanish. While I mention Spanish, when might we expect those to arrive?

Geoff - January 10, 2021

These look great! I have a couple of questions..
1) What’s tge release date lijely to be please?
2) How do they compare for size with otger manufacturers? They look chunky-ish. Are we talking about mixing them with commands from say Front Rank, or Perry, Victrix, Calpe or Hat? Thanks.

Wayne Lennox - January 10, 2021

Dear sirs
How and when can I order a box of these New Prussian figures and will they compatible with Perry Miniatures figures ?
Regards Wayne

James Royle - January 10, 2021

As a fan of the Prussian army 1813 to 1815 I rather like this idea the reserves were very good well trained troops , count me in!

Michael - January 10, 2021

I applaud this great new offering.
Think some of the ‘negative’ commentators are missing the point of the range so I’ll highlight the key salient point I think behind it
“ An Army Builder is a new type of plastic set we are experimenting with. It’s designed to let you build the bulk of your forces with a minimal amount of assembly and for a great value”
So it’s an experiment abs designed to build the bulk of your forces with minimal effort ….
Nothing wrong with that in MHO

Stuart - January 10, 2021

Great idea though Prussians not an army for me personally but would suggest dont pay too much notice to the I want action poses etc people here nor those saying very limited potential. The problem with some plastics is that they come out costing not much less than metal, have poor residual values and in some cases sticking everything on extra is a pain. So let those people buy what they want and ignore them

John Harrel - January 9, 2021

Great Idea.

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