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Results from the Driver's Seat Contest!

Results from the Driver's Seat Contest!

Last week we let you take the wheel for upcoming releases and thousands of you jumped straight in! Now we can share the results! 

For September Release: Death Fields Ooh Rah! They squeaked past the Grognard Raptor Cavalry and the Iron-Core Valkir were in 3rd.

For October Release: Classic Fantasy Landsknecht Ogres! Kobolds and Trolls were neck and neck in 2nd and 3rd. 

For November Release: Modern "Operators" just barely beat out the WW1 British. New entree 1930s Gangsters and G-Men and Conquistador Cavalry were close behind.

We've awarded free sets to three of the participants who left their emails. Just waiting to hear back from them now. If you weren't one of the lucky ones, just wait and more contests will be on the way. In the meantime for more chances to win, join up at our forum here

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Marco Dominguez - June 27, 2022

A little bummed that the option I chose didn’t win (the Narco/irregular troops), but I can’t be too mad- the Landsknecht Ogres sound like a great compromise, and I can probably do something with the Operators. Keep up the good work guys!

Lord Millitant Miller - June 25, 2022

The people have spoken. While I do agree with some points I understand it must be hard to release stuff on a schedule and I hope you guys do well. Some of the best prices for some good troops. I do hope the other entrees on this list still get released.

Wargames Atlantic - June 24, 2022

Hi Rantz – oh we read all of them. You seem like a fucking idiot. Have a great day!

Rantz Mohammit - June 24, 2022

Sounds like WA isn’t releasing anything worth a godd@mn until practically next year. Oh well. There’s about a half dozen or more companies making injection-molded plastic miniatures these days so no great loss. Perhaps the Landsknecht Ogre fiasco will mark a turning point at WA? I guess we’ll see. You all might as well produce a range of 28mm scale bags of burning dog $h*t while you’re at it. Might be the next “big seller”. It’s not as if any of the a$sh0les who work for peanuts at WA ever read any of these bull$h*t comments anyway.

Carl Nier - June 20, 2022

Glad to see that ww1 British and Gangsers and G Men did well.

Hopefully all will be release soon and more of the allies in Boxer Rebellion.

Bluecho - June 17, 2022

I, for one, look forward to the Landsneckt Ogres. Might also pick up a box of the Conquistadors to go along with them, for the sake of matching style.

Stephen - June 17, 2022

First of all, huge fan of this company, I’ve loved working with WGA models. Like some of the other folks on here have echoed, I think the release schedule makes it a bit hard to maintain enthusiasm.

I think too some of the unique ideas with historicals maybe need to be brought forward more. For example a lot of us would love a WW1 plastic ottoman set or maybe Austro-Hungarian as these kits don’t exist anywhere in plastic.

Plaice Holden - June 17, 2022

Echoing what Evan has to say below. The scattershot approach to releases makes it incredibly difficult to maintain initial enthusiasm at the sight of a render or plastic sprue when there’s no way of knowing precisely how often they’re going to get knocked around the release schedule.

UARK_Scott - June 14, 2022

Landsknecht Ogres?
I guess the inmates have control of the asylum again. Guess I’ll have to see what Oathmark releases that month.

evan - June 14, 2022

Man. I love what you all are doing and the energy you all bring to the wargaming community but from a consumer perspective your product releases can be an absolute monster of a rollercoaster. I found myself getting excited for releases only for those to be pushed back by other products that are announced and released in a much narrower window. I was out of my mind excited for the WWI French- only to never even bother to pick them up because the project interest had faded dramatically in the year and a half between announcement and release. My dream of Napoleonic Spanish hardly seems worth it anymore either.

Please know that I’m not trying to be unduely negative but man I’ve found myself ultimately waning in interest in a lot of ranges I’ve been dying to see for decades or bits that would fit perfectly with things I’m working on because I haven’t the faintest idea whether they’ll be released in six months or crammed behind whatever is hot and fade away after two years.

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