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Russians for at Least 4 Wars!

Russians for at Least 4 Wars!

Following up on our Japanese suitable for the Boxer Rebellion, Russo-Japanese War, and WW1...we have Russians! 

This set is equally versatile and can be used for not only those three conflicts but into the Russian Civil War. That said, the bodies do have shoulder boards so they would be suitable as "Whites" but with a quick trim and adding budenovka caps you will get your "Reds" as well. 

We're hopeful to get all the parts above onto the sprue but there may be a couple dropped along the way depending on space.

These are off to file prep and we'll keep you up to date on the Release Schedule as they move through the tooling queue. Fair warning there are quite a few sets in line ahead of them! 

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Rakamik - March 13, 2023

hello. will there be digital file of these models

Alexander - March 27, 2022

These look great! Though I would love to have the option of visorless caps for quelling boxers and for early RJW. Some fur hats a la siberian rifles would also be greatly appreciated.

Gary Hirel - February 26, 2022

Amazing looking figures and I am looking forward to their release. Perhaps a way to deal with all of the quibbling would be just to add an additional head sprue with heads that encompass all possibilities for periods. PS, I love the gas mask head,you’re not going to find that figure anywhere! Superb figures

Oscar - February 25, 2022

does this mean eastern front models because I would like some Austrians

Marian - February 20, 2022

Yeah, WA, please listen to Christopher Tyrer

Christopher Tyrer - February 19, 2022

Please add a Madsen light machine gun to the sprue. This can also be used with the WGA Germans too.
If you need to drop any items to fit the sprue then please make it the heads with beards & please don’t change the heads gear. These are Russian infantry in SUMMER uniforms. It gets really hot in Russian during the summer months. Nobody wears a big fury hat in +80 degrees!

Stuart - February 19, 2022

Russians are a welcome addition to the range but I tend to agree with others that there are too many budenovkas; as it stands almost half the heads can only be used for Reds from the RCW onwards. I would sacrifice some of these – and some of the Adrians too, which were not widely worn – and replace them with the more iconic (and more versatile) fur hats. Also, again as others have said, the point on the budenovkas should be taller.

Brian R. Van De Walker - February 19, 2022

I second or third either making one of the pistols left handed or doing the sword left handed so dual wielding can happen.

Metz - February 19, 2022

I would appreciate it if you made everything just slightly inaccurate to annoy every single history nerd.

Christopher Tyrer - February 19, 2022

This is what I’ve been waiting for years!!!
I am obsessed with modern Russian history & I collect, Russo-Japanese war, WW1, Civil war & WW2 so I will buy lots of boxes of this set.
Some Cossacks or Red Cavalry would be excellent too!
One thing that would make this set of figures even more amazing is a light machine gun.
I would opt for the Madsen light machine gun. It was used in all of the conflicts mentioned above (excluding WW2). I know that 1,250 were purchased for the Russian Cavalry prior to the Russo-Japanese war & if a Madsen is introduced into this range, it can be also used with WA WW1 Germans too.

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