Something New: Death Fields Weapons Sprue!

Something New: Death Fields Weapons Sprue!

Now on pre-order, our first sprue-only product: the Death Fields Weapons Upgrade Sprue 001 (perhaps the first of many!) 

This single sprue can be used to change-up heads and weapons on your Death Fields troops...or use them with our historical or fantasy figures to sci-fi them up!

40 parts in total per sprue.

Click here to get yours!


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Y. Whateley - October 19, 2021

Jack Yanoshik – “Will these be usable with your Afghan Soldier figures?” I see absolutely no reason why these couldn’t be used with the Afghan soldiers, or the French resistance, or even the ancient figures like the Romans, etc. – I’ve mixed-and-matched bits from all sorts of kits by Wargames Atlantic and others, even across genres, and they work well. Historical figures tend to be a bit more realistic (and thus slightly more delicate) in scale then the more “heroic” and bulky sci-fi and fantasy stuff, but in my experience this isn’t too noticeable in the heads and arms, and so these ought to work just fine with all sorts of genres, and the scare difference of historical vs. historic is close enough that few people would object, IMHO.

That said, something tells me these will aesthetically work best with uniformed bodies, such as the Death Fields and most modern military historical figures, and maybe certain ancient armies like the late Romans: these look like the helmets and arms of uniformed armies, more than the gear for rag-tag survivalists, militias, and mobs. (That said, maybe it could work! The only things that seem like they wouldn’t work at all would be the Giant Spiders and lizard-men, and probably the skeletons and halflings, due to the size and scale and form of the bodies, but I’d be interested in seeing someone try it anyway! The helmets might be placed onto skeleton bodies, and possibly the pistols, at least, could be held by skeleton or halfling soldiers….)

There’s also the caveat that arms usually mix-and-match between kits really easily, but heads vary in the way they join, from different kinds of flat fit (as seen on many of Wargames Atlantic’s historical kits and the halflings, with more or less of the neck being included on the head), to a ball-in-socket fit with the “ball” on the head (typical of many fantasy and sci-fi humanoid figure kits), to a ball-in-socket fit with the ball on the body (which can be found on many monstrous fantasy and sci-fi humanoids, especially with hunched backs, like ogres, orcs and gnolls….) To do head-swaps between these different kits, at least the ones that aren’t monsters, a little creativity needs to be employed – you might need to trim a little of the neck off of one part or another, or sometimes use a ‘shim’ to build the neck up a little to the right proportions (I usually clip and shape little bits of sprue for this purpose.) Mostly it’s easy to do, unless you need to shim between parts without enough neck to look right….

Y. Whateley - October 19, 2021

What a great idea – I definitely hope to see many more!

I’d love to see a sprue of farming tools (pitchforks and torches) and peasant heads to turn some of the ancient, medieval and even more modern type characters into peasant mobs, and a sprue of “adventuring gear” for fantasy/sci-fi games (spellbooks, staves, wands, crystal balls, holy symbols, maps, scolls, scanners, metal/mine detectors, radios, tablets, flashlights, cell phones…..)

Also a sprue of civilian weapons from the Victorian to Jazz Age, like shotgun and revolver hands and such, and improvised weapons (baseball and cricket bats, crowbars, axes, shovels), also including assorted civilian heads, various hats, etc. – these would go great with those French Partisans, and might kitbash well with other kits, too (great for apocalypse survivors and zombie hunters, for example.) Maybe a similar sprue for modern and near-future civilians, too – mohawk and masked heads and handmade guns and crossbows along with assault rifles, chainsaws, and other modern weapons for post-apocalyptic biker or cyberpunk gangs, for example!

And some zombie/skeleton bits (zombie heads, skeleton arms/hands-in-sleeves holding sci-fi weapons) to make undead soldiers, monster/demon/mutant bits (monster heads, hands with claws, tentacle arms, etc.) for werewolf soldiers, alien armies, post-nuclear mutants….

A sprue of old-fashioned pulp sci-fi rayguns and robot heads and other bits for cyborgs (the robot arms in this kit are great! Would love to see more, and some cyborg heads to go with them!) Include some alien heads and arms (three-fingered hands, for example), and space-helmet heads (open visors with sculpted faces, maybe?), and you’ve got some great stuff to kitbash kits like the Cannon Fodder with into other sci-fi genres!

I’d definitely scoop up all sorts of weapon/accessory sprues – that sort of thing is right up my alley as a sci-fi, pulp, and fantasy gamer!

David Phillips - October 18, 2021

so i was considering combining this with panzer lehr for space nazis then I realised Raumjäger is a set yall sell

Zack - October 16, 2021

Honest these are great, god damn upgrade sprues!
They look solid couple of these will go a long way,fantastically priced as well.
In particularly i like the prosthetics

Glorious Grunt - October 15, 2021

Oh one request for any future upgrade kits would be shoulder pads, they always help make any kit a bit more sci-fi :)

Glorious Grunt - October 15, 2021

Awesome! looks like these would work well for the WWII Italians/Germans as well? Now we just need an alien menace for them to fight :)

Peter - October 15, 2021

Just saw the Egyptian in your preview picture. Fantastic news BUT please make/ release a chariot set at the same time so we can make a useable wargame force. Otherwise there is no point in buying just the infantry box and hoping the range will be completed at some stage if at all. Anyone who Wargames with 28mm plastics has had this problem I am sure,how many sets of plastic napoleonic artillery are there for example?

Jack Yanoshik - October 15, 2021

Will these be usable with your Afghan Soldier figures?

Jack Yanoshik - October 15, 2021

Will these be usable with your Afghan Soldier figures?

Stephen Sutton - October 15, 2021

Seconded, I often find myself with a lot of spare right arms holding guns and heads from other kits, so a sprue of all torsos and left arms might be cool. The only problem I see, and it would be a big one, would be making a single set of torsos that a very wide variety of people would buy to use with their spares. I imagine it would be very hard to make something with a sufficiently wide appeal to be economically viable as a HIPS sprue. Metal or Resin seems like a more realistic avenue for such a project, given the lower initial investment, and 3D printing is probably the way to go for a potentially very niche product that would be unlikely to sell in large volumes. (But hey, I’d love to be wrong, and for there to be a type of body with mass appeal that could be cranked out in plastic to empty all of our bits boxes)

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