Something New: Death Fields Weapons Sprue!

Something New: Death Fields Weapons Sprue!

Now on pre-order, our first sprue-only product: the Death Fields Weapons Upgrade Sprue 001 (perhaps the first of many!) 

This single sprue can be used to change-up heads and weapons on your Death Fields troops...or use them with our historical or fantasy figures to sci-fi them up!

40 parts in total per sprue.

Click here to get yours!


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Stephen Sutton - October 15, 2021

Seconded, I often find myself with a lot of spare right arms holding guns and heads from other kits, so a sprue of all torsos and left arms might be cool. The only problem I see, and it would be a big one, would be making a single set of torsos that a very wide variety of people would buy to use with their spares. I imagine it would be very hard to make something with a sufficiently wide appeal to be economically viable as a HIPS sprue. Metal or Resin seems like a more realistic avenue for such a project, given the lower initial investment, and 3D printing is probably the way to go for a potentially very niche product that would be unlikely to sell in large volumes. (But hey, I’d love to be wrong, and for there to be a type of body with mass appeal that could be cranked out in plastic to empty all of our bits boxes)

FrankR - October 15, 2021

Wooha… great… I must have a lot of it…

“Pickelhaube gasmask heads…” can it getting better?… no way…
oh,wait… what’s about Pickelhaube heads with face… used to the coming Bavarian troops to use them as Prussians to the German-France War 1871…

I must buy more Cannon Fodder…

David Phillips - October 15, 2021

Also less likely, but ever consider selling just torsos the inverse of this because I have a lot of extra weapons from former sets. already preordered this one which I guess means your doing fine just a thought.

David Phillips - October 15, 2021

i’ve been watching that one for a little while hopefully it comes in before my cannon fodder set finishes.

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