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Take our Survey on Modern Combat

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Dustin - July 11, 2020

multi-part plastic pirates (golden age of piracy style, perhaps with assassins creed black flag options for more fantasy style)! Ok not modern but I had to put it down. If anyone can do it, you chaps can!

Peter Nolan - July 11, 2020

I’d love to see a selection of modern French (90’s to present day) and Germans in Afghanistan, as well as modern insurgent forces from Africa.
For forces in the NATO/Warsaw-pact it would be nice if we had some figures in NBC suits and gas masks.

Tomasz Podsiadło - July 11, 2020

I picked Inter-war as top pick, but I think what would be really cool to see that nobody iirc has done in 28mms are minis from Russian Civil War period.

J. Green - July 11, 2020

Whilst I think Vietnam has alot of potential (only one other company attempting plastics and their scaling is off a tad) the Spanish Civil War has alot of easy crossover with WW2 gamers able to use their already existing armour or occasionally troops as exrra units.

Ian Wilshaw - July 11, 2020

Spanish Civil War miniatures, starting with generic militia, would be adaptable to most 20th century conflicts involving civilians as partisans or militia. A variety of sexes, clothing and simple, generic weapons with some details to differentiate miniatures, such as hats, bags and so on, would make for a very useful set.

Bythtron - July 11, 2020

Would love to see a multi part with female and male soldiers or survivors in the modern age.

May - July 11, 2020

90s or early 2000s would be interesting, stuff like the collapse of Yugoslavia, the Gulf War, the Russo-Chechen conflicts, and the early days of the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan.

Brian Van De Walker - July 10, 2020

I picked contractors for my main interest because I could use them for a lot more than most of the other options. However I also picked other option in the “choose as many as you want” section. For my other option, I was thinking of a generic bulletproof vested uniform “fictional force” something like “not Cobra vipers” or not “GI Joe green shirts” (more towards “not Cobra”) except with real assault rifles like the IMI Galil, Steyr AUG, and Famas (though I would be happy with something from the the M16 and AK47 families). Most of the modern 28mm rule sets I have come across are generic or can be used that way so these guys would work pretty well and would just be dang fun.

Gregory Rumbles - July 10, 2020

1980 to 2020 French in Africa would cover a lot of Central, West, & North African conflicts and police actions, especially those in the nation’s of the Sahel region.

Lucian - July 10, 2020

I think something for the 1st polish soviet war would be great

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