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FREE POSTAGE ANYWHERE IN THE WORLD when you spend over $50USD/£35 Use the button at the bottom of the page to choose your local currency.


Last Call for Submissions!

Last Call for Submissions!

It's your last chance! If you want a shot at getting a plastic set made (two actually!) submit your ideas. We will be compiling the big list next week to start the voting process. Click here to add yours and enter.

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William M Lotz - April 30, 2021

How about:
*Female Valkyrie warriors
*Robot legion
*Pre History Hunter Gatherers
*Human Rabble with both modern and futuristic arms
*Alien grays
*Space Pirates
*Norse gods

Andrew - April 15, 2021

World War I American Doughboys. There aren’t many of those, if any.

David 'The Gob' Martin - April 15, 2021

1. Flying squirrel tribal warriors (with some sci-fi attachments)

2. Constructs in one kit that can make either eight human-sized miniatures, or they can be combined to make two large and three very small miniatures. (Is this possible? If anyone can…you probably can).

3. Medieval or Ancient leper mob armed with villager tools and weapons.

4. ECW dog people/gnolls or beastmen. (Think gnolls with rapier, musket, and capes.)

5. ACW robots. (Think union soldiers with laser rifles and C3PO heads.)

6. Mothmen tribal warriors (again with some sci-fi attachments).

7. German Defense of Berlin (think Hitler Youth, elderly, and injured soldiers).

8. Gypsy caravan Traditional. (Think dancer, fiddler, two children, the caravan itself.)

9. Gypsy caravan Spooky. (Think two ruffians, fortune teller, a different caravan, and maybe a hiding, mid-changing werewolf.)

10. Generic elemental superheroes. (Think flame firing dude, flying woman, earth controlling geezer, water blasting lady, beastial wrestler, robot animal (with small cape), person formed of a swarm, darkness cloak, invisible person getting (un)dressed, etc.)

Michael Scott Merrifield - April 12, 2021

Texas War of Independence/Mexican-American War

Nathan Whitley - April 12, 2021

For Death Fields, futuristic troopers in Parade Dress Uniforms.

E.B - April 12, 2021

Hmmm. Some post apocalyptic raiders or such might be nice.

Lars Jakobsen - April 12, 2021

post apocalyptic raiders, gangers and heroes. (fallout, mad max, waterworld)

mike panko - April 12, 2021

Classic Toy Soldiers from the Nutcracker: bell shaped shakes, cross belts, (no backpack) muskets and a hussar officer to lead them. Opponent would of course be the anthropomophized mice warriors with swords, slings, halberds etc.

No one makes these and they would be a cross over hit during Christmas!

David Dayton - April 12, 2021

How about a faction of wizards and construct(as in golem) soldiers. You see elves, dwarves, orcs, goblins and skeletons everywhere but you hardly ever see either golems or elementals.

Daniel T. Lillis - April 12, 2021

Hello Folks, just sitting here working on yours/mine skeleton warriors got allot of them primed now that its warm enough to spray outside, and thinking About what I would like to see one day from you’ll, we talked about the ape men, lion men, wolfmen/dog soldiers and looking to the past for the future Mesa Americans Awesome, can’t wait. I would like to see you continue with this Idea, Maybe Plains Indians/1st Americans like the Apache, Sioux, their are so many but to make them in plastic with pre-European weapons and with the European weapons to suit any time period would be wicked cool. I live in western NY, home to the Iroquois( Haudenosaunee, or people of the Long House ), Huron, Algonquin, and so many more. There is such a long history of these people before Europeans to make them in plastic would be great to have pre & post European weapons to do with the history of the great lakes area, to then with the conquistadors that can be mixed for early European explores the possibilities, than you can mix with Lizard men and other fantasy minis like centaurs and other Faye wicked awesome. thank you for your Time Pepsidan.

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