UK Arrivals

UK Arrivals

"The first transport is away. The first transport is away!"

We are happy to announce that our first new shipment of products has arrived in the UK and is safely (except for a few casualties of war) in the Sarissa warehouse!

This one has restocks for Les Grognards and WW1/2 French along with our new Horses! It also has all the sprues for Grey for Now's new 02 Hundred Hours game! (And a surprise from Miniature Wargames Magazine too)

The next shipment is even bigger with restocks of Partisans, British Riflemen, Cannon Fodder, and also the new releases Boxers and Bulldogs! That ship is in the English Channel as I type and due to dock at Southampton in about 7 hours or so. We hope that that shipment can be delivered into the warehouse either this coming week or early the next. 

And more are en route!


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Ian Hannant - August 7, 2022

Outstanding news, already have the French (well worth the wait BTW), Next week will be fun, unboxing the Bulldogs.

David Vilorio - July 30, 2022

Holly mother finally i had been waiting months for that sweet french ww1 miniatures but finnally we will push that germans out of la patrie

DAVID EVANS - July 29, 2022

Well we can accept a few casualties ,at least they’re here in the UK. Hopefully the troops don’t need a trip to the local M.A.S.H., now there’s an idea for Cannon Fodder🚑.🏥
Looking forward to the Bulldogs and Cannon Fodder 2 when their shuttle lands.

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