Ultra Moderns/Near Future Survey!

Ultra Moderns/Near Future Survey!

This week we're asking about some set ideas for Ultra Moderns and Near Future set ideas (with some "out there" ideas in the mix too!)


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Adrian - May 14, 2022

Child soldiers plox!

Eric Howie - May 14, 2022

I like a lot of what I see on this list. I would really like to see Wasteland Scavengers/ Ash Waste Nomads but this might be a stretch to call “Near Future.” But a lot of the militia and insurgent choices proposed on the list are really exciting.

There is a spot of post-apocalypses scavenges, but cobblestone castings makes some good metal miniatures in this theme. If Cyber Punk crosses the line into Space Pirate that would be an even cooler spectrum of archetype.

Falk - May 14, 2022

I would buy any kind of Modern military.
Not keen on the Alien Invaders, but Cyberpunk / Shadowrun would be a must have.
I added Mexican Military Police / Cartel Sicarios as another option.

Charles - May 14, 2022

Is the poll still up? Because I can’t access it.

HM - May 14, 2022

Bring on the Lizardmen!

Just a Dude - May 13, 2022

I’d like something like late Yugoslav militias and vehicles, no one else is making a 1/56 Stryker and you could easily make/fit multiple options for turrets, mortar carriers and whatnot, I know WGA hasn’t done any vehicles yet but I think one of the modern, highly modular APC/IFV vehicles would be well received
The German Lynx has a fair few options these days as well and making “theoretical”/futuristic upgrade sprues would also, I imagine anyways, quite popular especially if you made it so that turrets could easily be swapped out.

Riley - May 13, 2022

I chose a mix of aliens, but also terrified civillians and near future soldiers. I mean we deserve an XCOM tabletop game don’t we? Near future power armour was also on the list as PA is just awesome. An lastly i chose Meal team six, as i am 99% certain it was a simple typo but 1% extreme

carsten - May 13, 2022

Grey aliens

carsten - May 13, 2022

For alien invaders definately “Greys”. Small skinny nekkid dudes with big heads and large black eyes. And with some “cyborg replacement” parts and fancy guns.

Pierre - May 13, 2022

No interest for me.

I don’t care about modern soldiers… and about riot-busting policemen or pseudo-mercenaries, I prefer not to think about them. They are the modern face of the massacre of individual and collective liberty, and they are in front of us, free Citizens, everywhere in the world.

FYI, Mad Robot or Anvil Industry are already working on the vein.

Build excellent dreamlike references (Sci-Fi, Fantasy, Résistance), please, rather than glorify those who can kill our public freedoms, HERE and NOW.

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