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Ultra Moderns/Near Future Survey!

Ultra Moderns/Near Future Survey!

This week we're asking about some set ideas for Ultra Moderns and Near Future set ideas (with some "out there" ideas in the mix too!)


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Pierre - May 13, 2022

No interest for me.

I don’t care about modern soldiers… and about riot-busting policemen or pseudo-mercenaries, I prefer not to think about them. They are the modern face of the massacre of individual and collective liberty, and they are in front of us, free Citizens, everywhere in the world.

FYI, Mad Robot or Anvil Industry are already working on the vein.

Build excellent dreamlike references (Sci-Fi, Fantasy, Résistance), please, rather than glorify those who can kill our public freedoms, HERE and NOW.

PETER - May 13, 2022

Modern NATO and Soviets so we can exact some revenge on the table top. Maybe a bonus figure of a balding Russian leader for target practice.

Mitchell - May 13, 2022

I’d wish to see some interesting Alien invaders that are rather Avian like than the usual lizard and insectoid type we often see, when was the last time we’ve seen an alien birdman with some kind of fancy futuristic rifle go up against an average beat cop or backwoods militia type? It would be interesting to see.

TAP_M113 - May 13, 2022

So I picked up the “Rogue AI infantry” and “quadrupedal AI robots” (MULEs, etc…), plus modern-to-near-future infantry to go against them, but something that wouldn’t be far away from modern SEALS or US marine infantry.
And all of them would look sweet in “Death Fields”. I mean, how were not the aliens going to pick up as many participants of the “great machine wars” as they possibly could? We players would!

There is no competition for near-future “AI REBEL UNITS” available in plastic with any acceptable degree of detail or numbers, and they could see a timespan from “Fallout 50s” to “Near-future/Terminator” and “Lovecraftian Post-singularity AI” with a judicious choice of heads. As such, I would buy a box each, probably more.

Frank Sultana - May 13, 2022

I’d like to see some Cold War era Soviets with options to fit them with gas mask heads so they could also be used in games like Zona Alfa, to depict STALKERS exploring a hostile ZONE.

Ancestral Hamster - May 13, 2022

A contemporary trauma center set. So surgeons, nurses, paramedics, and an assortment of patients. To make it more versatile, some of the patients could be military, police, and firefighters as any disaster scenario (be it space invaders, zombies, dinosaur killer meteor impact) would have a number of first responders as casualties.

A set of contemporary/near future civilians about their daily business. The included arms would have various tools or accessories such as jackhammers, welding torches, cell phones, briefcases, tennis rackets, blank signboards for protestors etcetera, Should customers want to arm them they could use weapons from your other sets, as well as the Death Fields Upgrade sprue.

Johhny - May 13, 2022

Woot woooot! My dreams of having more immersive (and that means at least partially female, and some civilian bystander) cyberpunk/post apocalypse collection is coming closer to reality!

Sebastian - May 13, 2022

A few comments on some of the other sets.

A generic PMC set should sell well, but I can make those out of any modern army set. No idea if there’s a need for a US Army, Marines and Seal set, but they’ll probably all sell quite well.

I’m also surprised by the Russians missing unless they’re already in planning. Couldn’t you merge the Cartel and Latin Militia sets? Or Latin and African militia? Basic BDUs with AK, M16/4 or G3 rifles, maybe FALs and European and African heads.

Oh an important point to note when it comes to berrets, not all wear them on the same side! So right and left faceing ones would be good.

Sebastian - May 13, 2022

I selected: Bundeswehr, Foreign Legion, PLA, Latin American Militia, ME Insurgents, Near Future Infantry, Mule Robots, AI Robot Infantry, as well as Lizard Alien Invaders, Alien “Bug” Invaders, Alien “Other” Invaders.

I’ll definitely buy 2-3 standard boxes (24-32 minis) of any Bundeswehr/German Army set. If there are command/support weapon boxes, 1-2 of those too. But I only planned to buy one box of WW1 Germans and now have 4 and need at least one more. :-D

Might buy 1 box of FFL, just like I bought one box of WW1/2 French, and a box each of the PLA, Latin Militia and ME Insurgents. Enough for a skirmish sized squad. Near Future Infantry, Mule Robots and AI Robot Infantry will depend on the design. If they match with a Near Future Bundeswehr/EU Army or my Eisenkern (which has mules) I might buy 1-3 sets of each.

Regarding Lizard Alien Invaders, Alien “Bug” Invaders and any other Alien Invaders, well, I love myself some aliens. Bought two of the existing Lizard box with the purpose of converting one into sci-fi auxiliaries. Bought a box of Ghost Archipelago Snakemen for the same reason. So, depending on how cool they are 1-3 boxes of each set potentially.

Especially “bug” / insectoid Aliens have the potential for a whole army line, if you take Starship Troopers as inspiration. Although decent upright/humanoid-like insectoids would be great and it would be great if any alien bugs weren’t just large Earth-like insects, as is sort of the case with Starship Troopers. I mean I can’t see them controlling a spaceship.

I would replace the word “lizard” in Lizard Aliens with reptile and not simply make a futuristic set of the existing Lizards. By all means, make head-swaps compatible, but I’d go more in the direction of the “V” reptilians or the Drac from “Enemy Mine”. Humanoid reptilians basically such as the Cardassians, Gorn, Tosk or Hirogen from Star Trek, Krill (Orville), you get the picture. Personally, I think you could easily do 2 sets of reptilian aliens, but I’m very biased. :-)

As for other Alien Invaders, my first thought was a squid/octopus/cephalopod species. Octopuses are after all quite smart and it would give you none-humanoid aliens. No need to go for 8 limbs, 4-6 should do. There’s enough inspiration out there for both humanoid-aliens and non-humanoid, alien-looking aliens. From Star Trek, Star Wars, Halo, Starcraft, Babylon 5, Independence Day, Andromeda, Avatar, Critters ;-), Falling Skies, Farscape, Orville, etc etc. Yes, yes, I know, IP/copyright. The key word is inspiration, see what they did with the Stargarve sets. Let me put it this way, if you do an alien heads sprue where one looks similar to a Klingon, humanoid with ridged forehead, and someone sticks that onto a Viking, Goth or heavy metal style biker gang or cyberpunk body, I doubt someone is going to give you grief.

I don’t know if some kind of avian or fish alien would work. Taking inspiration from the Lizard-Men set, you might want to consider comparable sets of Feline, Canine, Frog or Rat-Men. Space Monkeys/Apes might be an interesting set.

Robert nijkamp - May 13, 2022

generic arrabic Six days\ Yom kippur war , as well as Israeli forces for the same Period.
Generic coldwar Nato and Warshaw pact (ca. 1960-1990)
If these can be made i would be very thankfull

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