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FREE POSTAGE ANYWHERE IN THE WORLD when you spend over $50USD/£35 Use the button at the bottom of the page to choose your local currency.


Up Close: The Damned Command!

Up Close: The Damned Command!

This is the fourth and final set that will unlock if we hit our initial funding goal on Gamefound launching May 26th! (Don't worry there are LOTS of other add-ons and full sets to unlock in the stretch goals too!) 


The leaders of The Damned are known as the Lords of the Apocalypse which they strive to bring against every one of their opponents on the Death Fields Circuit. Command and control - and inspirational leadership - are at the heart of a successful match and The Damned spare no expense in training and discipline to mold their squad, section, and overall army leaders.

This box set includes enough parts to build 12 hard plastic command and specialist models including squad and force commanders, standard bearers, communications officers, medics, discipline enforcers, and headquarters security. Mix and match arms and heads from other sets of The Damned for even more variety.

Rob is busy building out this set as I type and adding another body and a Brute leader along with extra parts. This is going on one of our full frames so there are going to be lots of parts (the last Command set we did was combined with Heavy Support (for the Grognards) so we're gaining a lot of space!)

We're getting the Gamefound page ready to preview the campaign. Come back tomorrow and have a look! 

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Dennis Horne - May 24, 2023

OPFOR snipers will really like Officiers using bits out of this sprue ;}.

The power claw is consistent in size with the RH one from the Grongnards command box (and IIRC also the gross overscale of the original spacewomble 40K one ).
Heresy Miniatures (other alternate suppliers are available) do a more sensibly scaled arm which got retro-fitted onto one of my figures as soon as I discovered it.

This Damned version does have the advantage of being attatched to an arm rather than being a biomechanical construct (necessitating the limb removal of the unfortunate officer issued with it).
How about reworking it as a 2 piece with the choice of the claw or a large set of bio-mech cutters/chainsaw? Even better offer a right hand varient too with those extra cutters useable on either hand.
You’ve then got a retrofittable pair of close up ‘engineering’ arms that could be used with other CannonFodder/OhRah etc products. I guess the design aim of this sprue is to offer a pallete of extras which can be kit bashed across the entire Death Fields range increasing its marketability
Oh and if there is space, the troops would rather appreciate a mine/metal detector (as a swappable alternate to the flag ?).

Jay - May 20, 2023

The power claw looks rather large in proportion to his body.

Drangir - May 20, 2023

Commander is not over the top, but I think it may be the selling point of the series! The hat is great, the coat just epic while not overblown!

If it’s true that Gamefound let you pick and choose your package, I’m in. I’m mostly interested in models and painting, so I’d definitely go over variety than numbers… but the prices seem good enough to validate snucking in a box of good old infantry perhaps C:

James - May 20, 2023

I hope the cloak bit from the digital set will make it into at least one of the sprues.

Chris - May 18, 2023

Oh my goodness, you fellas spoil us.

Paul Mitting - May 18, 2023

These guys look brilliant! Just the 4 initial sets alone will allow the fielding of a decent army. For skirmish gamers like me they are fantastic!

Red - May 18, 2023

That helmet reads less ECW/lobster helmet and more American football/Blood Bowl…

Anonymous - May 17, 2023

These will be on a separate sprue and box of their own!

Marian - May 17, 2023

Will they come in a box with the weaponteams, or will they become in a sperate one?

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