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Update on New Kingdom Egyptians

Update on New Kingdom Egyptians

Sculpting work continues on the New Kingdom Egyptians. Still some work to do but we were interested in receiving feedback on them. The plan is to have a box of archers and a box of spearmen/hand weapons. These will be part of our First Empires range.

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skudfisher - March 19, 2024

Did they ever come out? I don’t see them anywhere on the site.

Juan - November 19, 2023

They need sandals.
The sand will burn the foots of the soldiers on midday

Samuel - February 9, 2022

I know 2nd breakfast isnt possible, …but what about halfling chicken and swan riders?

Ps I’ve baught a ton of your halflings and im merging them with kings of war halflings, but Atlantic halflings are the best for kit bashing and i hope to field them soon at the Wicked Goblin in Cairns!

alfonso jou - January 27, 2022

como aficionado a la arqueria muy dificil llevar carcaj en la espalda y cojer las flechas corriendo

Andrew - January 26, 2022

I love these guys and I’m going to say keep them with the overly developed muscles, war bows require great upper body strength, also I know the new kingdom is much latter than Dynasty 0, but The King Scorpion that Universal Studios stole the name of for that mummy movie had a ceremonial mace with a stone head the size of a basketball, so I’d say make your Egyptian‘s looks like Steroid monsters

Pierre Lerdou-Udoy - January 21, 2022


but true Egyptian depictions are sadly rare : Tuthankamun on the wooden-chest (at war and chasing), Ramses II at Qadesh (Ramesseum) and the fighting Pharaoh in Abu Simbel carry their quivers under the arm.
For anyone in doubt, I recommend a real experimentation with a single strap quiver (and not a three points suspension harness, like Robin Hood or Legolas)…
That’s why I consider that the fairest and most historically accurate choice would be a removable quiver on the miniatures. Everyone will then position it as they wish.

Oh, and please forgive my clumsy/heavy english ! Bien à vous…

Steffen - January 19, 2022

@Pierre Lerdou-Udoy
carrying arrows in the hand and putting them into the ground was a thing durring the old and middle Kingdom period.

H - January 19, 2022

I see alot of people saying these guys are too muscular, and maybe that’s true. But If you guys do Sherden (and I hope you do) I hope you make them with the physique on these guys. Those were mercenaries, invaders and guardians of the pharaohs- I think the Sherden should have the muscularity shown on these models for sure.

Pierre Lerdou-Udoy - January 18, 2022

I’m glad to see that a number of our comrades find that a back-quiver is historically a nonsense.

Worn on the shoulder, a quiver is only intented for transporting a large number of arrows, just like a general ammunition box. The arrows are not really and immediately accessible, due to the natural sliding movement backwards.
To prepare the fight, archers had to take out arrows and carry them in the (bow-)hand, on the belt, or plant them in the ground.
The hip-quiver, the under-arms quiver and the belt-quiver are the only ones historically – and universally – attested by iconography. Exceptions are rare.
And everything else is… cinematic bullshit, until the appearance of the three-points quiver straps (20th century).

A lighter separate quiver model (under-arm quiver), with a thinner strap, would be welcome (cf. Tutankhamun’s painted wooden chest in Cairo).

The G-Man - January 18, 2022

They look cool, but we need to see how well they can rank up on a tabletop, on square bases. As with the other posters, I agree with the idea of being able to place the quiver at the hip, and they seem a mite too heroic in their physical proportions, and those loin-thingies look like some sort of impractical armour plate. Other than that, they look pretty sharp.

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