Update on New Kingdom Egyptians

Update on New Kingdom Egyptians

Sculpting work continues on the New Kingdom Egyptians. Still some work to do but we were interested in receiving feedback on them. The plan is to have a box of archers and a box of spearmen/hand weapons. These will be part of our First Empires range.

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Brian R. Van De Walker - January 12, 2022

Good, this will look nice, and I think they look fine as long as it isn’t Herioc.

GM Moles - January 11, 2022

Looking good. I’d not put that rope detail on the bows…? I would lengthen the cloth headdress a bit the weapon shafts a tad thicker and plainer spears, the arrow points much smaller. I do like the muscle details and the padded linen armour they fit well with the dynamic looking poses. Great work.

Carlos - January 11, 2022

A good start. I can only re-iterate what previous posters have said, the models are too strongly muscled, the quiver position is impractical/unhistorical, and the loin piece is too big/prominent and should be more sparsely used across the set.

In terms of head and weapons options, I don’t think you can make everybody happy. However, I do like the approach Oathmark have taken allowing the user to build all models with sword and shield, spear and shield, or with bows. Separate quivers, like in the Oathmark kits, would alleviate the quiver-placement issue as well, leaving it up to the individual if they prefer the more Hollywood-style placement on the back or the more realistic olacement on the hip/lower back.

Andy - January 11, 2022

The bodies are too muscular but otherwise very nice miniatures

Nick - January 11, 2022

Looking awesome!

Super excited to see the first empires range ring fleshed out.

You know you have to make a seperate sprue combing these weapons, shield with skeleton arms for your classic fantasy range…

It’s to good of an opportunity to miss

Joe - January 11, 2022

Agreed on the “buff” look. Just doesn’t look right at all.

And the suggestion to make the linen front piece modular is terrific. Really expands the usefulness of the figures.

That said, I’m grateful for the willingness to produce them.

Model Hunter - January 10, 2022

Just perfect. Lets get them to production ASAP.

Great work again WA!

Red - January 10, 2022

The look a bit too ripped, looking like Space Marine recruits.

Also IMO, the close-up spearman and swordsman have awkwardly wide stances.

Daniel - January 10, 2022

One other thing, these are very New Kingdom era, if you wanted to make the kit just a bit more modular and useful for Middle Kingdom you could make that crotch armor a separate item to be attached for NKE or not for MKE. That piece is like a wearable shield made out of padded and stiffened linen and just like the torso armor was not universally used in the later period and not used at all during earlier periods. Perhaps just as common was a plain kilt with the ends tied off and hanging down between the legs.

BTW, i’ve seen tons of good comments on other social media, Several people have mentioned zombie or skeletal kitbashing and you might offer a separate zombie/skeleton sprue for conversion. I have a feeling these sets are going to be a great hit.

Y. Whateley - January 10, 2022

Oh, these look great! I didn’t expect to be interested in this set, but now….

I kinda want to grab a box of these and some goblins to kitbash and maybe some goths into some of those ’80s-vintage “pig-faced orc” goblin-men – the Egyptian arms, shields, and khopesh look about right, the Dark Ages Goth torsos would work great, and the goblin scimitars, spears, and heads are close enough to that old-fashioned orc aesthetic to work for me:


But, I’ve got so many orcs already…. Still, if those shields were to be given a skull bolster and put on an accessory sprue with some shield arms, scimitar arms, some old-fashioned piggy orc heads, and maybe a few other suitable bits, I’d buy a few of those in a heartbeat! (Did I mention I’m a big fan of the accessory sprue idea???)

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