Update on New Kingdom Egyptians

Update on New Kingdom Egyptians

Sculpting work continues on the New Kingdom Egyptians. Still some work to do but we were interested in receiving feedback on them. The plan is to have a box of archers and a box of spearmen/hand weapons. These will be part of our First Empires range.

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FrankR - January 10, 2022

Not my range… but they look awesome…

Tod Creasey - January 10, 2022

Love that you are including Axes – I will be getting these for sure. Will all of the arms be interchangeable with all bodies? I likely don’t need 50% bows.

Patrick Stoddart - January 10, 2022

What are the plans for Chariots?

John - January 10, 2022

I think these look wonderful and I’m very excited to get some. I think I agree that some of the models look a touch too muscle-y for a bunch of conscripts who are mostly eating bread and beer.
I think if you added some different head options this could also be used for the Kushite kingdom. Or some bearded heads to make semi-Egyptianized Hyksos- there’s already appropriate weapons in the set.

Richard Vollmeier - January 10, 2022

Great to see all the weapons choises, but why not put them all on one sprue, like North Star Miniatures does with their Oathmark sprues?

Also, it would be great if you added some weapons/shields that could easily be uswd with your Skeleton Warriors kit.

Richard V - January 10, 2022

Excellent news!

I’d like to get more of the bodies with just the linen instead of that giant padding in front of their legs. That thing looks too much out of proportion. Just my thought.

Irvin - January 10, 2022

Impressive! Definitely of interest. Hittite/ canaanite opponents would also be very welcome.

Defréville Nicolas - January 10, 2022

They are truly awesome… Wonderful !

Berggeit - January 10, 2022

Definitely going to kitbash these with the Classical Skeletons! The sculpts look great. I generally speaking prefer to have both ranged and melee options in one box but seeing the variety in melee weapons I would say a good choice

Defréville Nicolas - January 10, 2022

They are truly awesome… Wonderful !

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