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FREE POSTAGE ANYWHERE IN THE WORLD when you spend over $50USD/£35 Use the button at the top of the page to choose your local currency.
FREE POSTAGE ANYWHERE IN THE WORLD when you spend over $50USD/£35 Use the button at the bottom of the page to choose your local currency.


Vox Populi - Turning Your Votes Into Plastic Sets!

Vox Populi - Turning Your Votes Into Plastic Sets!

Introducting Vox Populi our new program to turn your votes into new plastic sets. 

We have a track record of letting YOU decide what we make. The Aztecs, Conquistadors, and Landsknecht Ogres were all the result of your ideas and your votes. Now we want to take that concept and make it into a more formal system.

Vox Populi gives you the opportunity to vote on which of the sets we have in development will be made first. Click here to learn more! 

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Nick - January 21, 2023

In my opinion, this is not a very good idea.

I love your products, but I don’t buy them from your site, the delivery prices to my country are not acceptable to me. Nevertheless, I remain your customer – now, apparently, a second-class customer, since I don’t purchase from your online store and can’t enjoy voting privileges.

Drew - January 21, 2023

I think this is a good idea, essentially giving customers the option to cast votes for the products they want to see.

It seems there is a little confusion about how it works. It most certainly isn’t crowdfunding. Simply a way to reward customers in my opinion.

When I get round to ordering the stuff for a future project, I will certainly get vote vouchers first.

Keep up the quality plastic set releases!

Troy - January 20, 2023

Oh no! What if this keeps more great stuff like prancing puffy pants ogres from being made! Miniatures manufacturers are in a tough spot stuff though. Most figures on Etsy are way nicer than what ol school mini companies can do. The only advantage they have is their plastic is more durable, and that’s fading fast. At least WA is putting up a good fight and trying to adapt

Peter - January 20, 2023

Would love to see the Egyptians but am not prepared to tie money up buying votes when there are no chariots or enemies in sight .Could end up with a lot of money tied up in hope of what I want appearing in a timely manner and possibly having to buy something else I don’t really want to recover my money.

Wargames Atlantic - January 20, 2023

Hi Scott- yes you can use multiple vouchers on one purchase. And several people have done that today already.

Scott H - January 20, 2023

Can we apply multiple vouchers to one store purchase, or is it limit one code per checkout?

Maximus Bob - January 20, 2023

I appreciate some people can’t afford the $5 votes but in that case how do they afford buying $35 box set? For me this just means before I make a new purchase here I’m going to start by buying me some votes and then use them right away on my purchase. Get to vote, get my toys, win-win.

Jim - January 20, 2023

I’m with Pierre. And it penalizes those who currently can’t afford to “vote”. I’ve purchased from WA before, and I’d be ordering BEF minis at lightspeed if and once available…but what you have here isn’t vox populi; it’s vox opulentos (forgive my Latin).

Bill P - January 20, 2023

I’ve put my two cents in and will root for this to generate votes very quickly. It is refreshing to see a company try new things and include their customers in product development.

Now that said how about adding some Raumjager bikes of some kind?

Harry - January 20, 2023

What a fantastic idea! WGA showing again they are a truly innovative company. Well done all!

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