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Why Isn't This in Plastic?

Why Isn't This in Plastic?

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Mark Bevis - August 12, 2020

Has the result of this poll been computed?

Jack - August 12, 2020

It honestly would be nice to see some Ottoman minis. Considering the effect they had on the world, it’s surprising to see them ignored by plastic minis makers.

Chris GIlmore - August 1, 2020

I love your miniatures and I love that you put so many head options in your kits. I like your kits are compatible with other manufacturers so I can use the spare heads for other projects. Great products. Keep up the good work and I can’t wait to see what sets are next

Sydney - August 1, 2020

Now this is what I like to see! Reaching out to the community and seeing what they want. I don’t care if my number 1 pick is chosen I’m just happy that somebody’s niche is being filled by some of the best priced plastic minis out there.

Stephan Sporrer - July 29, 2020

I’d hope for a Prussian 28mm Plastic Army…

Frank Ruiter - July 21, 2020

All plastic cavalry are in dynamic poses, which is great. But I also would like cavalry in a waiting pose (regardless of the time period) as if they where waiting to go into battle. You can see whole lines of them in pictures. I understand that it would not be business sense to make complete boxes of that, but a small box with limited number should be profitable for a maker, as the mould can be easy with one basic figure and the rest heads/arms/weapons. Up to now it’s only available in metal.

Bailey - July 20, 2020

I’ve been told India has quite a military history but I only ever see Indians miniatures in the context of fighting Europeans. What about the wars not involving them? Where is Babur or Ashoka?

patrick - July 20, 2020

@Pete Rixon Warlord Games often has a box set that includes both sides of a conflict (WW2 for Bolt Action). They are quite popular for many reasons. I like that you can give one side to a friend to get them started and keep one for yourself. Then you both can grow your armies together.

David Bardy - July 20, 2020

I like the 5/10 a side idea!

Mark Bevis - July 20, 2020

Many thanks for taking the effort to put polls on the website for those of us that don’t use Facebook!

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