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Advice Wanted! Work-in-Progress Napoleonic Russian Greatcoats

Advice Wanted! Work-in-Progress Napoleonic Russian Greatcoats

This is a VERY VERY early work-in-progress shot of a Napoleonic Russian in a greatcoat. We wanted to post it up early as we know the community can identify all the things that are wrong with it quickly and help us fix it and move it along faster. 

This will be part of an Army Builder set - most likely 60 figures in march attack poses without command. There will be backpacks and sword hangers and at least two hat types. Depending on how the design goes the sword hanger/backpack may be combined (or not) and/or may be a separate piece. Heads will be separate. Arms will be attached to the bodies (see our Prussian Reserve Army Builder for an example of similar figures)

Don't let the render trick your eye on proportions and sizing as these are scaled to match the Prussian Reserve. Please let us know what you'd like us to change/refine and where we got it right and where we got it wrong. But please also keep in mind we know this is not 100% correct and the reason we are putting it out here so early is to make sure we do it right for you. Thanks! 

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Ljacks - April 25, 2022

I love the idea of plastic great coats but the problem I have with one piece body and arms is the musket tends to blend into the body and looks awful, the warlord russian line infantry is a prime example of this, would be interested in seeing an armed version,

Cal - June 19, 2021

Super cool! I’ve always wanted to start a Napoleonic Russian army in 28mm but plastic stuff is few and far between. I’ll definitely be keeping my eye on this!

Nuno - June 17, 2021

Maybe shakos for 1831?

Nuno - June 17, 2021

Maybe shakos for 1831?

Magnus Guild - June 17, 2021
Intrigued by the suggestion of a Guard shako(presumably grenadier, eger regiments lacked the plume), but feel obliged to add that the cartridge pouch also bore the Guard star. Conversion is all very well for one or two, but after several dozen it becomes a bit wearying.
Chris Packer - June 14, 2021

I would love to see a head option that includes the Guard Kiwer which has the eagle on the front with a tall plume. Russian Guard Infantry is not well served in 28mm, especially in plastic.

Nikolai - June 14, 2021

Hmm… Looks promising.
I’d say the hat looks a bit too big.
Also, saparate hands will increase converting potential. It will be hard to give this guy a lasgun if it will be one piece.

Kevin Scrivner - June 14, 2021

During the time period that the models depict Russia was vying for control of the Pacific Northwest fur trade with Britain, Spain, Mexico and the United States. Most Russian settlements were in Alaska but they also had forts (briefly) on Kauai, Hawaii, and a fort/colony in California north of San Francisco. I can imagine some alternate histories where the Tsar was more determined to keep his possessions despite the decline in pelts. Zorro vs. Russian agents? The Mexican-Russian-American War? The Russian-Polynesian War with the Imperial Navy challenging Kamehameha’s forces? Will our Napoleonic line allow us to pull such battles off?

Magnus Guild - June 12, 2021
Slava Bogu! I already feel a pokey little Russian corps coming on to add to the large number of more summery and autumnally dressed ones. On a more practical level, most of the uniform points have been addressed; there should of course be a plume if he is a grenadier(not if he isn’t), and one would expect a cockade dead centre at the top of the shako, and ,of course, cords as depicted by every contemporary artist. As to the matter of 1809 versus 1812( coal scuttle top) shako: abandon all hope ye who enter here! While I would like to see the earlier 1809 shako, I would be quite happy just to see the 1812 since this seems to have obsessed Western European artists at the time. Any idea when they are like to appear?
Pierre Lerdou-Udoy - June 12, 2021

Once again, “nous allons de surprise en surprise” !
In addition with the posts of my comrades, and according to the Osprey’s book : “the Russian army of the napoleonic wars (1)” and other sources in french :
- the kiwer/kiver of your soldier has two chin straps systems. The first one, in brass, rests on the front of the headgear, and the second one (leather ?) is attached to the chin. You should make a choice ;
- the V-shaped reinforcements (in both sides) were common (but other or anterior models of shakos were in use) ;
- a semi-circular “pompon” is missing in the top front of the kiver : red for the grenadier platoon of the 1st batallion, red and green for the 2nd one, red and blue for the 3rd one, and quarterly in X for the NCOs. Black plumes and white cordons were often in use, even in battle, but not always ;
- the “gaiter-pants” of your soldier is very strange, as it covers the entire shoe ! We should see the tips/front part of the shoes.
Good pictures of real men with full equipments : “Reenactment, battle of Borodino”.
I really like the Russian style : Will I start a collection ? That is the question…

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