WW1 British Complete Tooling!

WW1 British Complete Tooling!

The next set in our Great War range is almost with us: British Infantry! We've just taken a couple quick and dirty photos of the sprue to give you an idea of what's in the set. Once painting, photography, and box design are done we'll have them up for pre-order for an expected January release! 

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Red - November 17, 2022

Looks excellent. Would like if we could get an upgrade srpue for different style turbans to represent Sikh and Muslim troops.

Don - November 17, 2022

These look great! How about a box of WW2 Blitzkrieg Germans to match up with your WW1/WW2 French release? I am certain that your figures would outsell the Warlord Games models.

John - November 17, 2022

This is a wonderful set to add to the Great War range but I do have one question, where is the entrenching tool head? If it is under the water bottle on the right hip that is great for 1914. However after this date it was worn on the backside under the big/small pack for better access and as a means of protecting your rear from shrapnel.

David Lothian - November 17, 2022

They look awesome…. I look forward to the release..

David Lothian - November 17, 2022

They look awesome…. I look forward to the release..

David Vilorio - November 17, 2022

Love this brits now we can play a full plastic ww1 game but
I may ask if there are any news on the napoleonic sets that you announced, the spanish russians etc

John - November 17, 2022

The only thing I can’t identify on the sprue is the line of 4 things directly next to the pith helmeted heads. Bayonet in a scabbard? Some kind of stick grenade?

HIGHLY excited for this kit!

Andrew - November 17, 2022

These look great! I’m sorry that the turbaned heads didn’t make it, but I’ll certainly pre-order these as soon as they’re ready. Great work!

Wayne Bollands - November 16, 2022

It’s a tough one with regard to the webbing: the small and large packs will actually fit in place far more easily with this ‘trade off’ than the X pattern. When we were extrapolating for the final result, this seemed like the best option. However, as an expert friend pointed out, when ‘wearing’ the packs, the figures still work. Now, if they were wearing ‘37 Pattern, I completely agree with the need for the crossover – in WW2, British troops weren’t often trying to capture and hold trenches, and had learnt to carry as little as possible when they were on the move.

Jens - November 16, 2022

Are those pith helmets I spy? Excellent!

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