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FREE POSTAGE ANYWHERE IN THE WORLD when you spend over $50USD/£35 Use the button at the bottom of the page to choose your local currency.


WW1 British Complete Tooling!

WW1 British Complete Tooling!

The next set in our Great War range is almost with us: British Infantry! We've just taken a couple quick and dirty photos of the sprue to give you an idea of what's in the set. Once painting, photography, and box design are done we'll have them up for pre-order for an expected January release! 

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Axel - November 20, 2022

The sprue looks like it was originally intended for six bodies, and then you replaced one body for a seventh rifle…

There is no need to offer four head options for ALL bodies on the sprue. Half of them would be sufficient, if that gives us another body. Or you produce extra bodies somewhere else…

That said, the box is on autobuy once it pops up with my local retailer. Without IOSS I have to pay the UK Vat, shipping, then the EU VAT on both and another 6€ for the fun of it, so direct orders will be shelved for now :-(

John Roberts - November 19, 2022

Overall these sprues are fantastic, well done guys. I’m very excited about the Wolseley Helmet too (Gallipoli, Palestine, Mesopotamia) but the missing entrenching tool bag was a very distinctive feature and as such a major booboo to miss it. Still that won’t stop me from buying some of these. I definitely see a need for an expansion sprue with the Indian, Ghurka (oh yes!) Heads and the entrenching tool. How about an Officer torso? Things to think about.
Of course we will need Johnny Turk to complement these fine figures!
Thanks guys ☺

John - November 18, 2022

Love your figures. Cant wait for the yanks to arrive!!

Paul Mccullagh - November 18, 2022

Would have been better if you made the ammo frum on the lewis a seperate piece and a bipod for it
Also pickaxes and spades as the British always took tools for digging in when attacking

Alex Perez - November 18, 2022

They look great! I can’t wait. How about US Doughboys?

Jack - November 18, 2022

Wonderfull if you make an additionnal sprue of hard with turban for sikh and other indian troops
And gurkhas heads ,kukri in hand (additionnal arms) and in scabbard.

You have made this design in preview, right ?
Also in this extra sprue
Extra arms: pointing hands or with ammunition in hand or handing à Bag
This Is great to make variety of troops

jon gawne - November 18, 2022

yeah, you’re going to get some flak for the H straps. I can see it needs to work when gluing on the packs, but then it does look pretty silly if you want to go with no packs. Which happened. P08 is actually a very comfortable set of gear to wear. And to answer someone question, the weird thing hanging down is actually the bayonet and e tool handle. Which makes me realize, there’s no entrenching tool carrier !

Nanashi - November 18, 2022

I wonder if the heads from these could be combined with the bodies from (print file only) The Damned for some NCR trooper stand-ins.

Mark Dewis - November 18, 2022

I’m slightly puzzled by five figures but six of most heads. I guess variety is good, but due to the number of head types, maybe swapping some of the sixth heads for other gear might have been better?
I guess others might prefer spare steel hats though.

Red - November 17, 2022

Looks excellent. Would like if we could get an upgrade srpue for different style turbans to represent Sikh and Muslim troops.

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