WW1 British Complete Tooling!

WW1 British Complete Tooling!

The next set in our Great War range is almost with us: British Infantry! We've just taken a couple quick and dirty photos of the sprue to give you an idea of what's in the set. Once painting, photography, and box design are done we'll have them up for pre-order for an expected January release! 

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Frontis Wiggins - November 16, 2022

Sorry to see the turbaned heads did not make it.

Bobby K - November 16, 2022

Jeff Chapman depends how many you get in a box. This is a good mix of poses that will be unique depending on head and arm placement. Regarding equipment I don’t see much here that you can do without?

JEFF CHAPMAN - November 16, 2022

Too few figures; too much equipment.

Doshu Tokeshi - November 16, 2022

Just a quick question. Is there a particular reason why you have a “H” harness in the back of your Brit Tommies? I have never seen such a set up on Pattern 08 Webbing. It’s always been an “X” harness setup. This was also duplicated in the Pattern 37 Webbing as well. Thanks. The rest of the kit looks nice. Also, will the Pattern 08 Rifleman’s pouches be first or second pattern? The latter pattern began to replace the earlier pattern by 1915 and was commonplace in units by 1916 to the end of the war, with the exception of the troops equipped with P14 Leather Gear which was replacement supplemental (mostly seen in Pals Battalions, Kitcheners Army)

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