WW1 Germans Now Available

WW1 Germans Now Available

We are happy to announce that all pre-orders for the WW1 Germans have shipped from our Australia and US warehouses. The UK shipment is in port and unloaded, but waiting delivery to Sarissa for final fulfillment which should start happening later this week.

This 30 figures box set includes a variety of head types so that you can outfit your troops with feldmutze, pickelhaube, or stahlhelm with and without gasmasks. There are MG08-15 and MP18s and loads of extra bits to build command and trench fighters. $34.95 / £25 - available here.

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Gluberyt - August 20, 2020

What kind of rifle’s are on the frame? I’m asking about model 🙂

Mark Richards - July 20, 2020

These Germans look excellent, please can you give an indication as to what other WWI sets will be coming over the next few months?

Wargames Atlantic - July 7, 2020

Hi Taylor – ALL of them can have gasmasks

Taylor - July 7, 2020

Looks nice, how many gas mask heads do we get in the kit?

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