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Eisenkern Stormtroopers

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The Eisenkern Empire has known a history only of war. Bordering on Shadokesh space and forced to fuel their great war machine against constant incursions, they are perpetually fighting for survival. Knowing they cannot fight on a second major front against the other nations and households, they travel great distances to lay claim to desperately needed resources. This has resulted in dispersed and isolated pockets of Imperial space and ever longer supply lines that leave them vulnerable to attack by aggressive adversaries. The Empire must remain ever vigilant.

This hard plastic box set allows you to build up to 20 Eisenkern Stormtroopers with several different weapon options and parts to make squad leaders.

Models require assembly and painting. Bases are not included.

Assembly instructions can be found by clicking here.

  • Sculpting: Mark Mondragon
  • Illustration: Mark Stacey
  • Figure Painting: Matthew Leahy


Big Gerry of On Table Top does a comprehensive review of the set along with build options and ideas: 

Customer Reviews

Based on 13 reviews

Great box, just one problem with it. I just wish there were more arm options that do not hold guns, pointing at something, giving a hand sign or something like that. Everything else is perfect.

Claudio T. S
Excelente compra!

Excelente relanzamiento! compré 3 cajas a comienzos del 2022 y de seguro que iré por más, si bien, estas piezas son un poco más pequeñas que las originales continúan siendo bastante fieles a la escala y seguirán siendo el cuerpo principal de mi guardia imperial.
Lo único que pido es que relancen la caja de mando de estas figuras!

Spyryt Wolf
Three major issues with these miniatures, otherwise they'd be great!

I purchased these two weeks ago (around New Year's 2024). Received the package in the mail and thought, "Time to get to work!"
Imagine my surprise when I opened the package and found NO instructions or diagrams to assist with the assembly. Only the pictures on the box which aren't all that helpful. The scale of the minimatures (28mm) is actually on a smaller scale (between 26-27mm: my Cyberpunk Red minis are a little larger and they're the standard norm). Lastly, no where in the advertising, on the box or anywhere else did it say that "bases sold separately" so back to Amazon to order 28mm bases. I just watched a review from about 6-8 years ago and the original packaging at least had instructions on the backside.which made sense and they came with bases at that time. The most recent one I saw didn't show any assembly instructions or tutorials on putting them together - just stages - legs together, then torsos, then arms and weapons, then heads. You get the idea: no real help. I'd like to see more in this line besides the Stormtroopers (which I bought) and the Panzerjagers. If it had instructions and bases, I'd have given it 5 stars but it doesn't. They need to put out a video on assembling and another separate one on painting to really make this kick off.

Great for games like Stargrave.

I used these as heavy armor soldiers, random corpo cronies, and other troopers in my games and they always look the part on the table.

Nice and easy to construct models.

Jess G
Makes Me Pine For The Old Kits

These are good sets, but they’re not up to the same quality of the old Iron Core models. Don’t get me wrong, I am glad this series was able to forgo complete extinction, but as someone who bought a lot of the old sets; the plastic is noticeably different. Also, if you’re like myself and sitting on extra bits from the old sets, you will be disappointed to find that not everything is compatible. Some stuff just looks straight up out of scale. Makes me sad, but if you need Sci-Fi space SS… look no further!