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"The Cancrids have been part of the Death fields circuit for as long as anyone can remember, usually collected from one of the many colonies that infect the galaxy so well known to humanity today. In captivity they resort to a basic instinct of self-reproduction and hunting, their rapid growth and innate abilities to move with agility as well as their naturally resistant physique make them a sight to behold on the death fields. When the Cancrids lay their eggs in the field the public knows that it will be an especially savage fight." As species: The Cancrids are an alien species encountered by humanity for the first time during the exploration of the "55 Cancri" system, short-lived but with a high capacity for self-reproduction and growth, they form underground colonies that reach large numbers quickly. Extremely territorial, the study of their colonies has been almost an impossible task. To date it is known that the species goes through at least three stages of development: egg, hatchling and adult. Some scientists theorize that it may not be everything and even that deep within their colonies there may be distinct sub-species or some kind of lead organism, following the reference of colony-forming terrestrial species. Due to their markedly animalistic behavior, one might think that they are unintelligent creatures, but their use of hunting strategies and adaptations capable of launching powerful acids from a distance when they encounter armed units would seem to indicate otherwise. Until now it is unknown how this species has spread not only between different worlds but also by different solar systems separated from each other by many light years

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