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Kryk evolved from eusocial insects. Unlike many such sentient species, intelligence arose in the workers instead of the Queens. A Hive’s Queens are bovine in their intelligence and never leave their planet of emergence, but eggs and non-sentient nymphs are exported in their billions to new kryk colonies. Eggs are jealously guarded, but nymphs are let loose to fend for themselves, which they can normally do quite well if not eaten by an older nymph! After a few months kryk nymphs pupate, with the majority emerging as sentient worker and a rare few as new Queens.

Kryk are wildly xenophobic and expansionist, feeling that no matter how big the galaxy is the Kryk Starswarm (as they grandiosely refer to themselves) will eventually need it all! To the humans whose space they border, the kryk are an Alpha Level threat. Only the kryk’s frequent habit of exterminating rival Kryk Queendoms on religious or territorial grounds and easier human colonization targets elsewhere keep the two species from a war of annihilation. To Galactic Civilization writ large the kryk warriors are deadly good entertainment, but should the kryk ever rise beyond local pests in the galaxy’s backwater they would find true galactic civilization too big for them to swallow!

The kryk are, alongside humans, one of the most popular species of Death Fields. Owners of kryk teams begin with abducted adult kryk warriors as well as nymphs and eggs in the hope that these might become Queens after pupation. (Queens and pupae do not survive FTL travel) Those owners lucky enough to obtain a young Queen tend to become quite wealthy by providing unarmed (but still incredibly dangerous) kryk warriors as Fodder or Primitive teams. Meanwhile the abducted warriors take the field with the kryk laser and plasma weaponry with which they’ve warred among the stars for centuries.

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