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BelloLudi Crossbows

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BelloLudi Crossbows 750 to 1500 AD

BelloLudi is a small publisher from The Netherlands who specialise in fast and fun rules. This is because we want to have as much people as possible to experience this great hobby. The games are designed as a multiplayer games but will work just as fine with only two players or even solo. BelloLudi rules are intuitive and easy to learn, yet offer enough variation for seasoned wargamers. Hopefully, playing the game will encourage you to create your own armies. If you are just getting into the hobby, check out the skirmish rules. They are designed with armies of roughly 25-30 miniatures per side. So one box of Wargames Atlantic excellent miniatures per side will be enough.

BelloLudi Skirmish Games

BelloLudi Skirmish games are designed for multiplayer battles using a very small amount of miniatures. They are designed to be fast and fun and easy to learn for non-wargamers. The rules have a core of around a dozen pages, no more than the game of RISK. From page thirteen on, we include some extra rules. You can start off with only 25 miniatures per side so any box of plastic soldiers will give you more than enough to start playing. As with all BelloLudi games the emphasis is about the decisions you make as a commander.


This ruleset simulates battles in the period of 750 AD to roughly 1500 AD, the larger part of the so-called Middle Ages. It was a time when rulers forged kingdoms and combatted each other and various others. Around 750 AD, the stirrup was well in use in European armies, cavalry reigned supreme until the introduction of gunpowder around 1350 AD. The rules will work for skirmishes in those unruly times. Refight Viking raids, the Crusades, the conquests of Charlemagne, Djengiz Khan, the conflicts of Brabant, Utrecht and Holland, Edward I Longshanks’ war in Scotland and the 100 Years’ War. Prowess was an important ingredient of medieval combat. In order to obtain it, one had to perform brave deeds in battle. And, to have something to show for it. Prisoners were a major part in every campaign. Not only for ransom, but also to plough the conquered fields. From the humble bow to the first gunpowder weapons, it’s all here.

The rules use the so-called Commander Die, to create friction in the games. The Commander dice are sold separately. However, instead of the Commander Dice you can use a standard D20. Just read 0=B, 1-4=0, 5-9=1, 10-14=2 and 15-19=3

Cards and Commander Dice can be purchased at:

So onward, to glory! And, of course: have fun!

Team BelloLudi