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BelloLudi Pikes 1530-1660

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BelloLudi is a small publisher from The Netherlands who specialise in fast and fun rules. This is because we want to have as much people as possible to experience this great hobby. The games are designed as a multiplayer games but will work just as fine with only two players or even solo. BelloLudi rules are intuitive and easy to learn, yet offer enough variation for seasoned wargamers. Hopefully, playing the game will encourage you to create your own armies. If you are just getting into the hobby, check out the skirmish rules. They are designed with armies of roughly 25-30 miniatures per side. So one box of Wargames Atlantic excellent miniatures per side will be enough.

BelloLudi Big Battle (Strategy) games

BelloLudi Big Battle games are designed for multiplayer battles using a large amount of miniatures. They are designed to be fast and fun and easy to learn for non-wargamers. BelloLudi designed these rules especially for team-building purposes.

Covering the renaissance period of warfare and the Military Revolution period, it includes rules for The Tercio, The Dutch System and The Swedish System. This ruleset simulates battles in the period of 1530 to roughly 1660 AD. A time when tremendous changes took place in the field of warfare. The advent of gunpowder transformed the way in which armies fought on the battlefield, bringing more and more gunpowder weapons to bare. Slowly changing from massed troop formations to more linear tactics. Empires were forged, colonies were taken and feudal warfare slowly gave way to more national conflicts. These rules can be used for the English Civil War, the various Wars of Religion, the 80 and 30 Years’ Wars and many others.

The rules use the so-called Commander Die, to create friction in the games. The Commander dice are sold separately. However, instead of the Commander Dice you can use a standard D20. Just read 0=B, 1-4=0, 5-9=1, 10-14=2 and 15-19=3

Cards and Commander Dice can be purchased at:

So onward, to glory! And, of course: have fun!

Team BelloLudi