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Fantasy Knights?

Fantasy Knights?

One of our talented sculptors was playing around with our soon-to-be-in-plastic horse bodies and created an armored version. It got us thinking about knights and cavalry for our Classic Fantasy range. 

Would you be interested in a set like this? What should the riders look like? Let us know your thoughts below! (comments may not appear immediately because they have to be approved - you wouldn't believe the amount of spam posts we get!)

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Will - June 21, 2021

Fantasy Knights (particularly Late Medieval/Early Modern inspired) would be an insta-buy for me.

Sergio - June 20, 2021

Im loving that design.

The riders should look accordingly armored as well, with optional distinctives as to being able to accomodate them in different armies without too much hassle.

Pierre Lerdou-Udoy - June 20, 2021

As a poor rider, but a rider nonetheless, it’s really too complicated for my taste, even it looks like 16th c. historical harnesses (harnois, barde).
I would have preferred a less heavy and complete harness : something more versatile, with fewer plates and rivets.
Three little things anyway, to improve the realistic side of such a horse :
1. the rear part of the saddle, the CANTEL (troussequin), is missing. It prevented the rider from falling backwards ;
2. the saddle strap is not correctly positioned. Here, the risk is to break the ribs of the horse. It should be positioned further forward, on the heart girth (passage de sangle) ;
3. the gait of the horse lacks of clarity. Is he at the canter (natural, but defective gait) ? See Eadweard Muybridge’s “the horse in motion”. Excellent.
Hoping to see more “universal” horses, one day… Good luck !

Castillo - June 20, 2021

Bretonnia. I miss them so much. At some point some company is gonna make fantasy knights with barbed horses, great helms and ornate crests and theyll become millionaires… this could be your chance, WA 👀

Robert O'Brien - June 20, 2021

Fantasy knights similar to the old GW Bretonnians that could be used as medieval knights. I personally like your Death Fields ranges and wondered about souped up Napoleonic cavalry for that range.

Axel - June 20, 2021

As a historical gamer I would have no use for this horse, as the barding on the back is pure fantasy. Good for those who want them, but not for me.

So, a call to use historical armor for fantasy:
The 15th and 16th century do have many variants beyond the two versions produced by the Perrys for their horses. Linen, Padded armour, leather cuirass (buffalo leather was ordered in large quantities for just this purpose by Maximilian) and of course the various masterpieces of metal armour from Italian or German manufactuerers. These probably cover most of what even fantasy gamers can need, and they offer the chance to use the incoming Conquistadores for historical medium to heavy cavalry. Full padded or chainmail cover also can work for a multitude of historical heavy cavalary from the Sarmats over Byzanz to Tibet. The Islamic tradition, or the “African Knights” style also offer ways to make really interesting barded horses.

And a call to use Fantasy for Fantasy: IF you go Fantasy, go “all in”.

For Fantasy “barbed gothic”, “barbarian pelt”, “elven fluted armor” or “steampunk armor” would probably make economical sense somehow, and I am sure there are plenty of other styles.
Go there, get inspired or invent your own, but try to avoid something that is close to, but not quite, historical. Just make those usable as historical from the start.

Just my 2c

KL - June 20, 2021

fantasy designs based on late 15th to 16th century heavy cav, so that it can be used together with your conquistadors/ 16th century soldiers set.

@jack: for elven winged knights, have you looked at Last Sword Miniature’s black swan knights?

Francois Proulx - June 20, 2021

Oh yes please! I’d sure love some Black Riders in half-plate.

David Phillips - June 20, 2021

I mean i would have a hard time finding someone who doesn’t want fantasy knight miniatures. I mostly would just come down to cost and miniatures per box

jack - June 19, 2021

Elven winged Hussars ,it would provide an interesting and unique take on Elven lore as cavalry are rare for Elven groups .

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