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Fantasy Knights?

Fantasy Knights?

One of our talented sculptors was playing around with our soon-to-be-in-plastic horse bodies and created an armored version. It got us thinking about knights and cavalry for our Classic Fantasy range. 

Would you be interested in a set like this? What should the riders look like? Let us know your thoughts below! (comments may not appear immediately because they have to be approved - you wouldn't believe the amount of spam posts we get!)

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Zandman - June 19, 2021

I for one would love to see a set like this come out. I know it’s already been said but I think it’d be a good idea to include multiple options in this kit to make, somewhat historical knights, more fantasy styled knights and undead knights too. I think the best way to give that variety may be as simple as giving a few head – or maybe even arm – options. Some helmeted heads along with some bare human, skeleton, vampiric or whatever else heads.

In fact I think I’d just be happy with a generic “Undead Knight” set, there aren’t many options when it comes to plastic undead cavalry, especially if you’re looking for a more historical look to your undead horde.

Hugo Barry - June 19, 2021

Excited to give you my money. If the models are just like the one pictured, in various poses mid-gallop I would buy a dozen. looks great love it!

MaElRan - June 19, 2021

Above all, the decorated plate armour and lance, and the helmet.
And optionally, a wheelock pistol and other weapons.
Decorated 16th and 17th century cavalry always look good.

Rick, the Grumpy Gnome - June 19, 2021

Pre-1900 Ottoman cavalry please!

But as to your Fantasy cavalry with barded horses… I would say simple plate to match the barding then various different heads. A distinctive head/helmet can help completely change the character of a mini. Evil Undead, Noble Elf, Righteous Paladin, Chivalric Knight, Desperate Mercenary. Helmetless heads and you can add gender variety, as plate armor can easily mask gender on the body.

It might be nice if it could match your Conquistadors…. But then folks may be able to kitbashing their own match by using your Fantasy kit with Conquistador heads/helmets.

Falk - June 19, 2021

This could be the foundation of a whole range of options:
Human knights, Evil knights, Undead knights, Mutant knights, even SciFi Rough Riders

A good range of weapon would be key for me, lances, swords & shields, double-handed and single-handed hammers and axes.

Dustin Hill - June 18, 2021

I prefer human knights of the styles once produced by GW. Yes, other companies do historicals that are akin to them, but they scale very poorly. Your models are a nice bridge between historical and fantasy so I think they can go both ways easily. For and elf duel kit, you could have head swaps and shoulder armor swaps, lances for each and shields for each. Though to do them properly a separate kit would be best.
Wolf and cat/lion trophies are a common addition. Dragon scale cloaks would be cool. Also, plain capes, collars and wizard heads, floppy hat heads, war axes, rearing horse option. Skull helmets, feathers, lions/panthers, sallets. Quite a lot you can do and I hope you pursue cavalry for fantasy.

Andrew - June 18, 2021

Yes please to fantasy knights (especially since even if GW brings back Bretonnians or Empire knights, we all know they will still cost an arm and a leg). Maybe use the same horses for several kits: classic “Heraldic Knights”, and then knightly orders, like “Knights of the Shining/Golden/Fiery Sun”, “Knights of the Hammer-Wolf/Wolf-Hammer” etc.

Tudes - June 18, 2021

I think they look fantastic and lend themselves superbly to both classic fantasy and sci-fi both, it’s just a matter of an appropriate paint-job… If these are going to be provided with a rider or another, it might not be the worst idea to have a smaller stock available with generic fantasy and sci-fi mounted legs as well… The conversion possibilities would be phenomenal..

Darren James Richardson - June 18, 2021

Oh, Undead Knights would be cool, for the horses you’d only really need to provide an alternative head on the Undead Knight’s component’s sprue, which in itself, could just be an accessory sprue to include in selected unit boxes, so you can have two different kits, one normal and one undead, really milk the market :D

Darren James Richardson - June 18, 2021

Hmm, Fantasy Cavalry?

Well, other then the usual Humans in Gothic army draped with (insert animal name here) Pelts either wielding lances, swords or great hammers (hint hint White Wolves hint hint) perhaps some heavily armoured Elven Cavalry, perhaps even Dwarves, yes I said Dwarves, they can ride horses, Gimli proved that in LotR: TTT!

I’d really like to see some human mounted troops wielding Stirrup winching crossbows if there’s space on the sprue if you go the human route.

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