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Fantasy Knights?

Fantasy Knights?

One of our talented sculptors was playing around with our soon-to-be-in-plastic horse bodies and created an armored version. It got us thinking about knights and cavalry for our Classic Fantasy range. 

Would you be interested in a set like this? What should the riders look like? Let us know your thoughts below! (comments may not appear immediately because they have to be approved - you wouldn't believe the amount of spam posts we get!)

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Paul Souchon - June 18, 2021

Heavily armoured fantasy knights would be really cool, that horse armour is the perfect mix of stylized and realism for me. Might you also consider a ‘medium’ cavalry set with a more dark-ages ‘riders of rohan’ look?
Also, I don’t know how many riders would be on the sprue but if we’re going for a fantasy theme can I suggest one of the rider bodies be for a female knight?

Andrew Heil - June 18, 2021

It’s a bit of a different kind of cavalry, but I’d love to see some skeletal horses to compliment the beautiful Skeleton Infantry boxes.

Marian Mull-Heidemann - June 18, 2021

I would like to see some historical late medival or renaissansce cavalery/knights. Maybe you can add them to the Conquistadors range. And you could also add a sprue or at least some bitz for a fantasy setting. Also some Handguns would be nice.
I am thinking of an option to add more or less amor bitz to the horses. And that not ever ‘knight’ got a full amor plate.
Or maybe you should make an other box of light cavalery^^

Atlas Manning - June 18, 2021

I would probably not be interested unless the riders were very interesting. Maybe if they could be built as different fantasy races. Historical knight minis are plentiful and work fine for fantasy already

Derek - June 18, 2021

Yes. Yes. Yes.

You can put pretty much anything you want on them, and I’ll be jazzed. Knights from the Kingdom of Generica. Vampires. Breton Elves.

But please, please, please, please make plastic WWII cavalry. WWII cavalry is so difficult to source, and it’s basically impossible in metal. From British yeomenry to SS cavalry, from Polish Army cavalry down to partisans, I (and many others) yearn for WWII cavalry in plastic.

Hari Turner - June 18, 2021

A good set of fantasy knights would be amazing, especially given your product quality. But equally amazing would be a set of fantasy light cavalry or indeed historical Bedouin cavalry – I have no doubt you’d find a horde of eager buyers!

John Wilson - June 18, 2021

Please don’t make fantasy full gothic plate like old world imperial knights, so far I’ve held out from returning to fantasy but the up coming Conquistadors are already tempting me back into Fantasy gaming…..seriously though one thing to keep in mind is not to make them to historical since you will be competing with other historical plastic cavalry, which includes lots of medieval but no renaissance I believe.

Matt Ballert - June 18, 2021

Yes!!! I love this, I’d definitely be getting some if you make them!

Scott Smith - June 18, 2021

Not Templars or Teutonic Knights. Pick a different source of inspiration

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