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Grand Battle Scale: Next Range, Next for Samurai, and a Survey!

Grand Battle Scale: Next Range, Next for Samurai, and a Survey!

The announcement and reveal of our new Grand Battle Scale (10mm) Samurai and Ashigaru last week has generated a ridiculous amount of buzz and excitement so we thank you! 

Rob Macfarlane is hard at work with NOT ONLY the next for the Samurai range but the next Grand Battle Scale range! 

Next for Samurai will be a Command frame that will include parts for both Ashigaru and Samurai. Here's a little teaser of just a couple things on the frame: 


As mentioned, there's a LOT more on this frame and we'll be showing the full layout before we send it into tooling. 

After Command, there are lots of ways to go with the range. We've set up a poll with several options for you to choose from. Let us know what you'd like to see next! Vote here for your favorites!


While we continue to grow the Samurai range, it's time to jump into the next new range for Grand Battle Scale: Azincourt! 

The Azincourt range will allow you to field all the troops to recreate the epic battle between England and France! From the iconic English longbowmen and mounted French knights to Genoese crossbowmen, men-at-arms, foot knights, and much more! And all done in the fantastically detailed 10mm size of Grand Battle Scale! (Who among you will do the battle at 1:1?!?)

Here's a first sneak peek at the beginnings of the designs by Rob Macfarlane (with a Samurai archer for comparison):


Keep in mind these are VERY early work-in-progress test sculpts before we get into the refining of detail and check for historical accuracy. 10mm is a tricky thing to model for hard plastic as it's the equivalent of making all single piece 28s (digital has no scale as you could see in the original post about the Samurai with the photo comparing the 10mm versions to the enlarged and 3D printed 28s). So the sculptor has to take into account all the areas where undercuts may create a problem and the draft angles of all the components of the piece. The first iteration may be more focused on the technical needs than the historical accuracy which will then be addressed prior to sending the files to engineering. There is also a fine balancing act between showing and emphasizing the right details so that the figures look great at scale. The set will mimic the Samurai and Ashigaru ones with 1, 2, 3, and 5-man groupings that will allow you to base them for a variety of rules. 

Let us know what you think below and keep an eye out for the full reveal as we move these sets toward completion later this year! 

P.S. The third Grand Battle Scale range is also in development and will premiere as a full game! What period have we decided on? Wait and see! 



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Paul Stevenson - July 22, 2024

any horse and musket armies for big battles obviously Napoleonic, ACW would be most popular

I do not really see samurai and HYW as offering that much in terms of big battles like the above periods.

Ted Kennedy - July 20, 2024

I would love to see some"Lace war" letting us recreate the armis of Marlborough LouisvXIV. And many more would love to do battles rangingfrom The Boyne and Aughrim thenBlenheim Malpaquette

Brendan - July 19, 2024

I would love to see a mongol range in 10mm. I need all types of foot troops, as well as barded horses, and quick and cheap yurts.

I would also love to see Aztec, Spanish, and other Flower War types in 10mm. The colour and spectacle alone would be worth it.

After that a fantasy range would mean numerous new armies, Orcs and other Greenskins,
Men of a number of factions, Elves of several factions, Dwarves of several factions, Beastmen (unlimited factions), loads of character options, dragons, griffons, hippogriffs, and all those other cool critters.

Well thats my 10 cents worth (scale creep).

JM - July 19, 2024

Still hoping we’ll see this scale in the WGA Digital STLs soon!

Charlie Wood - July 19, 2024

The Hundred Years’ War is an absolutely fantastic idea, cannot wait!

Glyn - July 12, 2024

Great to see the Hundred Years war getting a look in, there is a total lack of figures for this period. Well done!! Hoping you can do Late and Early periods if this conflict.

Rob Grace - July 12, 2024

It would be nice to see a Crimean War range, incluing Turks, French and maybe even Sardinians. Preferably in campaign uniforms and greatcoats for early and late war.

E0 - July 9, 2024

American Civil War? Please?

Andrea - July 7, 2024

Please reveal base sizes for the announced game !
Hoping in bigger bases than the warmaster 40×20

Krisps - July 7, 2024

Well, I said I would be “more than tempted” if the Middle Ages would grace Grand Scale, and there they are. Consider me quite tempted indeed. I’m looking forward to how the final product will look as a whole.

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