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FREE POSTAGE ANYWHERE IN THE WORLD when you spend over $50USD/£35 Use the button at the bottom of the page to choose your local currency.


Horses Hot Off the Press!

Horses Hot Off the Press!

The T1 (first test shot) of the new horse and base frames is off the press. We'll have more to say (and show) about the bases later, but these horses will be used in a variety of upcoming cavalry sets including the Afghan Cavalry. 

The horses have been designed so that any left half will work with any right giving you 9 unique combinations. 36 if you include the 4 heads in the equation. And lots more once you position one of the 3 tails in various ways! 

Although they share a mold with the 25mm bases the two have nothing to do with one another in case you were wondering! 

We have other horse types in the works as these are not appropriate for every kind of breed and furniture but we will also most likely be making these available to purchase separately. Would you like to be able to purchase them separately in their own box? Let us know in the comments below. 


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Dan Osborn - January 21, 2022

Besides horses in cavalry harness, how about a set in molded in draft harness for towing wagons and caissons for heavy weapons that could fit all eras.

John Doherty - January 11, 2022

Will definitely be buying these.

Peter - January 7, 2022

Very likely to buy some sprues of separate horses.

John Eveson - December 28, 2021

Yes please!! I want to start a Medieval themed Imperial Guard army for 40k but I dont want to use Bretonnian horses. These would be perfect for that and a few other ideas I want to try out.

Any chance of a cheeky horse head with gasmasks sprue in the future?? ;)

Peter - December 18, 2021

I’d definitely buy a couple of sprue’s of these! I need some at the moment, as I have some Afghans and Boers that need mounts! Please, bring them on !

Giancarlo Paolini - December 18, 2021

Yes separate sprues for horses would be ideal for many combinations…I would suggest if possible one sprue for horses standing and one sprue for horses gallopping (I’ve got got a couple of stagecoaches waiting plus a set of western wagons :-)

Adam L - December 17, 2021

That’s a big yes to being able to purchase separate Horse sprues. I’m never out of Infantry, I’m always out of horses for Cavalry!

hüth - December 17, 2021

Plastic horse sprues would be super useful.

Beardurham - December 17, 2021

Yes please to seperate horses, either sprues or box sets. The bases look useful, but maybe you need to consider sabot bases as well?

James B - December 17, 2021

I’d love to by a frame of these horses separately!
It would be very fun to paint, and I could use them in stables, or pulling wagons, or with a diounted rider-lots of utility.

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