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FREE POSTAGE ANYWHERE IN THE WORLD when you spend over $50USD/£35 Use the button at the bottom of the page to choose your local currency.


Horses Previewed: Poll and Prizes!

Horses Previewed: Poll and Prizes!

The upcoming Afghan Cavalry set will mark the first use of our generic horses. We decided early that having plain horses that come with a simple saddle blanket could form the foundation of a lot of cavalry sets.

In some cases in future sets we may add unique horse heads, saddles, and other equipment to the rider sprues to customize those sets. And in other cases we will need to have completely different horses in the set (for example for smaller or larger breeds or horse armor that can't be added as separate pieces)

Here's an image showing the sprue layout and one of the first painted versions by Matthew Leahy: 

There are 6 halves that are interchangeable with separate heads (4) and tails (3) so that you can achieve a large number of combinations and have a good variety of poses for your units. 

We've been debating internally about selling the horses separately for those who either want to convert over from metal ones and save some weight or have extra riders (or want to convert riders). To that end we have a poll - fill it in and leave your email (optional) for a chance to win a box of figures. 



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Mister A - September 14, 2021

Follow up idea:
Undead Calvary frame:
2x Skeleton rider on skeleton horse xor 2x Skeleton rider on skeleton unicorn xor 2x Skeleton centaur xor 2x Skeleton centaur with a horse head xor 2x Skeleton horse + 2x Infantry skeleton xor 2x Skeleton unicorn + 2x Skeleton infantry.

Generic Chariot frame or some army chariot that can be build without an army/culture add-ons, compatible with horses or horse sized mounts.

Dean - July 28, 2021

Horses walking and at rest/standing would be most useful as a generic set so cavalry can be depicted on the march, standing or dismounted

Dean - July 28, 2021

Horses walking and at rest/standing would be most useful as a generic set so cavalry can be depicted on the march, standing or dismounted

B Day - July 27, 2021

I would primarily use them for conversions. I like the idea of just a saddle blanket since I’ll be using them for caissons to pull artillery pieces. A dozen per box would be perfect for 3 teams, or a cavalry unit with a spare or two.

Axel - July 26, 2021

Our hobbyclub takes part in events (not wargamers) occasionally with painting workshops, and horses are by far the most popular choice.

I had some 100 (Persian) horses back from the old Wargames Factory sales which are now almost spent, so a box or five with affordable horses would be most welcome once Corona allows for new events.

BTW: Making the horse sprues seperate does offer you the chance to add a sprue of walking or standing horses some day – which are a real gap in plastic.

Douglas Crabtree - July 26, 2021

These are very interesting as I love cavalry, cant help wondering though what has become of the Napoleonic Spanish infantry?

Benjamin MacConnell - July 26, 2021

I’d prefer to buy horses by the sprue. I’d likely need only a small number of extra horses, and if I needed more, I could just buy more sprues.

Phil - July 24, 2021

I’d buy a box of 12 or perhaps 24 for adding more detail to my battlefields/settlements/countrysides.

Pierre Lerdou-Udoy - July 24, 2021

The idea of horses at a standstill or simply at a walk is excellent, to create more modern cavalry units (c. 1880/1945). Modern combat techniques were often : one travels on horseback and fights on foot, with rifles (in fact, horsemen were dragoons).

As far I am concerned, the purchase will be subject to a few minor modifications, which I consider important :
- I don’t like the floppy ears on the sides. They were a rare, but ugly defect for a horse breeder or a military rider. Victrix, Perry and other manufacturer make good ears…
- The saddle strap is not correctly placed. Any rider knows where the girth passage is : further forward, just behind the forelegs. Everywhere else, the saddle moves, which is inconvenient for the horse as well as for the rider.
That being said, everyone will do what they want!

Well-made and well-saddled horses (with Armeesattel M25? British universal pattern cavalry saddle?) will allow me to realize one or two old projects : WW1 or WW2 Cossack cavalry units? German SS and Cossack cavalry against partizans? WW1 Uhlans with Stahlhelm or ANZAC cavalrymen? US rough-riders in Cuba? British regular, irregular and Boer cavalry in South-Africa? Sci-Fi units? There are so many possibilities!

I look at the subject with a lot of hope and attention. WA’s approach is very astonishing.

Anjin Miura - July 24, 2021

Will I be able to take these horses to town road? I need horses that can ride til I can’t no more, specifically.

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