New Set Announcement: Trolls!

New Set Announcement: Trolls!

The sculpting team has been hard at work on a great new addition to the Classic Fantasy range: Trolls! 

This is just the initial sculpting and no posing has been done yet (no, they're not just going to be standing around looking big!) 

Let us know what you think below while we keep working on them! 

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Mr A - October 7, 2021

For shop images, can you add two pictures (from front and a top), showing model x, y and z dimensions to compare them with own models and chose proper bases for miniatures?

Y. Whateley - October 1, 2021

The test-print of a posed and assembled pre-production troll in today’s newsletter looks fantastic! Looks like a preview of a female figure from maybe a Partisans set 2 looks great as well, and I’m intrigued by the preview a couple weeks ago of a 20th Century figure with a cane, while looking forward to whatever the far-future and 1980s brings – great stuff! Wargames Atlantic has the most exciting selection of miniatures kits out there, hands-down.

Ronald Labor - September 11, 2021

Yes! Looking forward to acquiring these!

E. Pearl - September 11, 2021

I love the design and the overall idea of this kit and am already looking forward to it!

I do have a crtique however. I think more dynamic arm poses would be fantatsic, especially since these are trolls. Perhaps a flexed arm so that a troll could be made to look like it is swinging it’s large weapon down, or an arm raised over the head in a different swinging pose. I am excited to see what more poses will come!

Mister A - September 8, 2021

One of the weapons should be convertible to magic staff with bonus gear, skulls from skeletons etc.

One of the heads with helmets should be compatible with mask from The Giant Spiders for an option for magic caster/mind controlled trolls.

Add pair of horns to make Oni from them or glue them to the belt, staff or as trophy

Add one head with stone pattern on it, or stone/gem piece glue able on heads, other body parts, bases, as treasure or staff part, with correct painting it creates lava/ice/stone guys.

RPG support packing would be nice as army amount is not necessary for encounters, for example as mixed package with goblins, spiders and trolls spruces.

@Mike Hart They looks slightly like LoTR movie trolls and that fits aesthetically with goblins.

Bill P - September 7, 2021

Zach I guess you didn’t read above? LOL

Zach - September 7, 2021

Great looking concept. This set may be improved with:
1) More dynamic pose than standing straight. Even a ready stance would lend a sense of movement and imminent action.
2) variety in the belt/loincloth area as it looks like there are different legs.

Mike Hart - September 6, 2021

I agree about the helmet, Andrew- a shallet or a barrel helm would be great. Also, these are more like ogres rather than trolls. That’s not a complaint. Traditional trolls are my cup of tea.

James - September 6, 2021

Sci Fi options!!

Ryan Allen - September 4, 2021

Would it be possible to have some sort of giant crossbow, and a two handed weapon for these guys too?

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