"Space Brits" Work in Progress

"Space Brits" Work in Progress

After the Cannon Fodder release this summer, our next faction for Death Fields are the "Space Brits" (name to be determined). Here's a shot of some of the parts we're working on.

There will be four bodies on the sprue with enough standard rifles and heads (with and without gasmasks) for all of them. 

We're not sure if we'll do shoulder pads, back packs, maybe epaulettes? Let us know your advice below!

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Shaun Gooch - June 16, 2021

About bleeding time!

Please don’t be persuaded by Facebook comments asking to change the style of the weapons to become more GW proxie friendly. (Keep your own unique take on these) The last thing I want to see is yet more pseudo las guns or bolters to appease those with GW blinkers when it comes to anything Sci-fi.

The name should be ’Kitchener’s Royal Guard….‘The Tea Totallers’!

Teatime Needs You!

Andrew - June 16, 2021

Backpacks are a must. Shoulder pads and epaulettes are awesome too!

Gino - June 16, 2021

I’d definitely like for some epaulettes to be included in the set. Love the selection of WW1 inspired weapons, very much like Star Wars.

Justin Lakin - June 16, 2021

These look awesome. Hope we’ll be getting more ammo pouches and canteens. And a chainsword.

Peter - June 16, 2021

I’d weigh in favor of epaulettes since I feel that would differentiate them from the Death Fields French who wear shoulder pads and I think that parade uniforms are a bit more fun and Sci-Fi especially for the Kitchener’s Army or Grenadier Guard head variants.

Joe B. - June 16, 2021

Definitely think backpacks would be a nice option for them. I also agree with the other commenter that for an “autorifle/machine gun” arm option, something akin to the Bren would be a better choice, and for additional weapon ideas, maybe a “laser-carbine” styled up after the Sterling, and a “laser-repeater” that’s based on the SLR/FAL?
Also a bit of a shame that there’s no floppy hat option but, maybe the Commonwealth (specifically space-ANZACs) will get a look-in in the future? Could be an idea for a kit, space ANZACs with floppy hats, space-SLRs, jungle-aesthetic, go for a bit of a “mid century Commonealth Malaya-to-’nam” look?

Mike - June 16, 2021

I Served in a cbrn Dekontamination unit and a Filter on the Front was no Problem.
Its all a Matter of Training and habitustion. ;)

Sean Callaghan - June 16, 2021

I’d definitely like to see shoulder pads! And, as much as I ADORE that Lee Enfield 303 sculpt, would be good to see a more sci-fi variant included! Maybe with a more bulky muzzle brake?

As for a name, the “royal Norfolk regiment” had “E coy (the Sandringham’s)” disappear mysteriously in WW1. could call them something regarding that and tie that in to the death fields narrative quite well!

Iain - June 16, 2021

Question for you all about respirators. Have any of the Wargames Atlantic staff or designers ever worn a respirator or gas mask?
If you have you would know what a pain in the neck it is to have the weight of the filler pulling your head forward! Please move the filter pots to either the left or right hand side of the face depending whether the miniature is left or right handed.This is something that many miniature companies get wrong.
I do like the “Lewis” gun but would prefer something based on a “Bren” as it’s more iconically British and was in use for far longer. As an alternative weapon to the “SMLE” could you do a STEN/Sterling type? Heads without helmets/hats to allow greater variety? Looking forward to this set keep up the great work.

Grisha Naganov - June 16, 2021

I think it would be cool if there would be some bodies with oxygen tanks, but overall, a really fun set!

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