"Space Brits" Work in Progress

"Space Brits" Work in Progress

After the Cannon Fodder release this summer, our next faction for Death Fields are the "Space Brits" (name to be determined). Here's a shot of some of the parts we're working on.

There will be four bodies on the sprue with enough standard rifles and heads (with and without gasmasks) for all of them. 

We're not sure if we'll do shoulder pads, back packs, maybe epaulettes? Let us know your advice below!

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Andy D - June 18, 2021

Yes to backpacks, not a fan of the weapon effects, plenty of other sources for them.
No epaulettes would be my preference. I do think the sole body with the shoulder plates seems out of place. What about a version of the highly sought after leather jerkin on a couple?

Would much rather see an obvious energy weapon of some form rather than the Lewis Gun or one of the flamers. Grenade launcher would be good too, maybe M79 style?
Would rather see a more classic British sword design tbh, and some kind of SMG.

Turbaned heads would make a nice change as well.

Jacob Fite - June 18, 2021

Honestly these guys look great, but maybe some alternate torsos with armor might be a good idea. As it stands they look a bit too close to just being normal ww1 British troops, and i think by simply adding some armored options they’d fit better into a Space soldier look. Shoulder pads and epaulets would also be great for this, along with maybe a more laser gun looking rifle. Aside from that? These are looking great! If nothing else they’d make great figures for World War/Weird War games

Lars - June 18, 2021

Call them:

“The Old Contemptibles”

Kris - June 18, 2021

Oh man, these boys look pretty great! I ultimately passed on the Grognards as a project after deliberations, but I do believe I’m sold on these. Have to agree, packs of some sort would be a desired inclusion and it’s a no to shoulderpads/epaulettes from me (not a fan of miniscule fiddly bits). The weapon effects are novel, but not something I’d likely use.

I do like the bearskins a lot – should I assume they and the rest of the heads will all get unmasked and masked variants like the Grognards?

Zack - June 17, 2021

These looks stupidly promising with that really good balance of soft sci-fi and historically inspired!
If i had one suggestion it would be backpacks galore, perhaps inspired by the WW1 kitbags. Perhaps putting heads and backpacks on a separate dedicated sprue might be a solution with bodies and weapons focused on the other?
Either way despite promising myself no more guardsmen i may have to get these for Queen and Country of course!

Ryan Allen - June 17, 2021

No to the effects pieces. No to shoulderpads. Yes to backpacks. Enough packpacks for everyone, with special backpacks for the LMG, Flamer and Rocket Launcher.

I’d also love to see both a left and right hand sword, as well as a left and right hand pistol.

Bob - June 17, 2021

Looking great! Yes to separate backpacks, no to shoulder pads. I have to agree with others, well cool in theory I probably wouldn’t use the weapon effects. Maybe a plasma style gun, or a STEN looking SMG.

Alexander Rawlings - June 17, 2021

yes to backpacks, maybe on shoulder adornments

Darren James Richardson - June 17, 2021

I’d include Backpacks and other various types of packs, but no shoulder pads and no tiny little epaulettes, tiny pieces like that often get lost when you cut the off the sprue, or are so fiddly to get into place properly you end up smearing half the model with glue, just no thanks for those……

As for names, why not use Commonwealth somewhere in the name, sounds proper for such a unit.

Justin - June 17, 2021

I echo the sentiment of not using the weapon firing effect pieces. It’s a cool thought, but in practicality those are just going into the bits box or the recycling bin with the rest of the sprue after people are done building the kit. Use that space for something else.

Are those pump-action weapons supposed to be shotguns, or grenade launchers styled after the China Lake grenade launcher?

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