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Spanish Guerrilla Ideas

Spanish Guerrilla Ideas

We're thinking about converting our digital set of Spanish Guerrillas to plastic and have added and changed some of the parts. Let us know what you think of this: 

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Stephan Sporrer - January 15, 2024

The figures are great and look really promising. As a hint I‘d add one or two bodies with sandals (pantaloons) a little more traditional clothing more country less city couture.
An arm throwing a stone, more improvised melee weapons. Open hands with the option to add different items weapons, guns or even tools (gunners).

alfonso jou - December 9, 2023

era muy coriente entre la guerrilla como calzado usar las ALPAR GATAS de cañamo por ser un calzado comodo y barato y tambien usado por muchas unidades regulares gracias por acordar os ESPAÑA hasta pronto y g racias

David H - December 9, 2023

Could we throw a cape in ? Could look good for a leader . Im reminded of the countessa from sharpe

Don - December 9, 2023

It is encouraging to see that WA is still interested in releasing boxed plastic miniatures. I had figured you had stopped for good.

E0 - December 8, 2023

Looks lovely. As for feedback: +1 to the shorter trousers with stockings showing. And +1 to the more “improvised” closed combat weapons.

Yoshi - December 5, 2023

I think releasing these in a plastic form is a great shout. Maybe a few more arm options – loading with a ram rod for example. Or some different melee weapons.

I’d like to see this across the board for all of the digital Napoleonics.

It doesn’t limit those without 3D printers!

And the more sets that are available, the more it opens things up for kitbashing.

Dave - December 5, 2023

Oh. I love these. Yes please. These would be very useful for kitbashing. Mordheim, Frostgrave and Turnip28.

Jape Vicho - December 5, 2023

They look really cool, and rn there are no plastic minis for 28mm Napoleonic Spanish. As a suggestion, you could add a couple of shakos and enough arms holding the rifles like regulars for the whole unit, that way it could be built both as a guerrilla unit, but also as levy line infantry with some civilian equipment mixed in due to low supplies. Also, I know this is risky, but in my region (València), it was common for men to wear short, knee-length wide pants, usually paired with long socks and sparto and linen shoes, and I think this happened in other parts of Spain too, so if one body like that could be included, I think that would be pretty cool (you could look up historical drawings from the 18th century that detail the different regional costumes and borrow ideas from there).

Mick Scales - December 4, 2023

I think this is a great idea to extend into plastic. The comments make a lot of useful suggestions. Mine is along similar lines – keep some of the hands open and add in the variety of “weapons” which would have been available/begged/borrowed/taken. Katie L’s comment is a very useful one for those who like to really individualise plastic figures.

Jonathan - December 4, 2023

I like the heads. One of them looks female hope this means there is one one the frame. glade to see some of the digital stuff going to plastic this quickly. love the hats and caps

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