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Spanish Guerrilla Ideas

Spanish Guerrilla Ideas

We're thinking about converting our digital set of Spanish Guerrillas to plastic and have added and changed some of the parts. Let us know what you think of this: 

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Edward McColl - December 4, 2023

Fantastic idea! I agree with the calls for separate torso options, like in the Brit Rifleman kit, and the inclusion of a female figure with several head options.

I’d also like to see more weapon variety in the kit. It would be nice to have a few loose muskets and some extra sword arms to allow for a range of styles. As I’m using the Chosen Men rules it would be great to have at least 1 -2 hand axe options as these are upgrades for the Guerrilla unit in the game.

Dave G - December 4, 2023

I second the comment one or two female bodies plus heads. Also another hatless male head instead of one of the bicorns. Some packs and rolled blankets would be useful, plus extra haversacks and bigger cartridge boxes. They would have been living rough in the mountains so would need to carry all with them. Also picked up equipment from their victims along the way.

Dennis Horne - December 4, 2023

a) split at least 2 of those torsos upper & lower body allowing to mix between sprues and add mounted lower torso kitbashes from others.
b) I’d go for one torso as wearing a shirt only.
c) Look at how Perry did their ACW rnages with swappable hats, toupee.

Open handed weapons again to increase modability – the more flexible it is the wider the sales potential

Rufus DeVane - December 4, 2023

Add some Calvary to the kit. Lancers and light Calvary options. That would really kick up the value and allow people to make tons of options. Plus the kit would be very unique…… infantry and Calvary in the same kit!!!!!

Katie L - December 4, 2023

If you could maybe add a few pairs of arms with empty hands, it would be easier to kitbash the figures into gun crews, horse leaders/holders. civilians, people carrying stuff for the logistics, etc.

Joaquim Ferreira - December 4, 2023

I surely will buy 2 of these boxes.
I don’t see a female body. That would be great to have since women really fought in the Spanish guerrillas and I also play silver Bayonet and I need some Portuguese female characters.

Gary Hughs - December 4, 2023

How about an arm carrying a small wooden keg, could be brandy stolen from the French or powder to blow up a bridge. Maybe a hand with a telescope. Another knife rather than the sword, it doesn’t look robust enough to be the weapon of choice for a guerrilla. A couple of improvised weapons (cosh, broken bottle, or just a rock) might be useful.

Orinoco - December 4, 2023

If there was space, some weapons suitable for the Old West could increase the versatility of the kit. I would get this anyway for Silver Bayonet and to convert for Dead Man’s Hand.

Nuno Pereira - December 4, 2023

Great set. Can you add a few heads with Basque txapels (berets). Useful for Northern Spain and 1st Carlist War.

Peter - December 4, 2023

More knives, say tucked into belts as well as ‘loose’.
Sacks (haversack type) could be for ‘on the ground’ i.e. put
down (on their figure base) for the fight, or on a separate
base as objectives. Could have loot OR food in them.
A donkey, with separate loads?

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