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Spanish Guerrilla Ideas

Spanish Guerrilla Ideas

We're thinking about converting our digital set of Spanish Guerrillas to plastic and have added and changed some of the parts. Let us know what you think of this: 

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Jules - December 4, 2023

At least one conversion or fix to make a female figure, all the best/worst stories TV ect has a female heroine or two. Maybe one other fix for lower leggings sandals of traditional Spanish light troops from the period. Other than that very good picks.

kelvin pickup - December 4, 2023

2 points id like to make 1 you need a female Guerrilla 2/ mounted would be very usefull

Eric Howanietz - December 4, 2023

I like Spanish Guerillas, but I’m really hoping for some French Revolutionaries at the barricades or some Paris Communards. I know the two French are a little separated in period. but it might be nice if the Spanish Guerillas could run in parallel with French revolutionaries on the barricade.

The most overt cultural consideration would be the poncho on one of the bodies. Maybe that could be an attachment and not built into the torso? Other than that it looks like it might be easy for this kit to fill the role of Paris Street Revolutionary and Spanish Guerilla at the same time.
Not a historian so I really don’t know how similar civilian clothing from those two cultures was at the time.

Matt - December 4, 2023

nice… hopefully sanish regs are soon as well 🙏

Pete Rixon - December 4, 2023

Love the torsos and the weapons mix. With the heads, can you change one of the headscarves/beanie heads to a head with no hat? Preferably of a younger man, with straight hair, to compliment the younger man with curly hair?

Red Bee - December 3, 2023

Great pick for a plastic conversion. This is a must have for any napoleon gamer.

Daveb - December 3, 2023

So excited! I’ve been waiting on the Spanish box since the teaser images came out…..more than a year ago?
I do like the idea of having a standard available….you might save space by making a multiuse hand for holding some sort of pole (as mentioned above), and a pole topper. It’s trivial to get metal rod for the pole itself.
The suggestions of some bitz to expand the use to include the latin american independence wars is ace. Making the box apply to more theatres can only be a benefit (to say nothing for imagi-nations use).

Brian Smaller - December 3, 2023

One can never have enough Spanish guerrillas.

Brad E - December 3, 2023

I am a huge fan of the Digital Set.

Would absolutely love to see little additions for Laten American Wars of Independence if at all possible.

Keep up the fantastic work

Chris Schwab - December 3, 2023

Those heads! Amazing!

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