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mnrgfrzfcx - April 13, 2021

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Y. Whateley - September 9, 2020

I loved the suggestion made by Brian Van De Walker for a not-quite-althistory-and-not-quite-scifi generic equivalent to GI Joe/Action Man Heroic Contractors-vs-Ruritanian Terrorists war game sort of thing. Seems like the not-COBRA guys would kitbash nicely with sci-fi kits to make a combat faction for sci-fi games, while the not-Joes guys would work for a variety of purposes: historical mercenaries or militias, or a team of “operators” for a “Predator” style combat scenario, or colonial marines for an “Alien” or “Starship Troopers” type game, or a post-apocalyptic army faction to fight zombie hordes.

And, I’m really surprised nobody out there has officially made a licensed GI Joes-vs-COBRA miniatures skirmish wargame: it seems like it would have been a natural idea, something that would combine nicely with 1:48 scale modern military vehicle model kits, and maybe sci-fi and 20-minutes-into-the-future cyberpunk style stuff as well (robots and drones, for example, would fit right in! Hmmm… Reaper’s “Bones V” Kickstarter will produce some great 28mm “not-Terminator” robots! Reaper has also produced things like shipping containers that might also work well as scenic items in this sort of quasi-cyberpunk anti-terrorist setting, along with 28mm power-armor and the like….)

Anyway, some cyberpunk/Joe-vs-COBRA style mercenary/paramilitary models – and, for that matter, Shadowrun style cyberpunk-meets-fantasy stuff (cyberpunk orcs and trolls!) would really touch a niche that doesn’t seem to get much attention out there….

AJ - September 8, 2020

Would love to see western U.S. Cavalry in winter attire and Native American tribal warriors in winter attire as well. I’m surprised no one has made such figures yet given that there were a number of winter campaigns in the 1865-1880’s period. Buffalo skin coats, fur caps, etc.

Will - July 17, 2020

I’d be very interested in Russian Civil War minis, or definitely Warlord China stuff; both are parts of the interwar period that have really cool content and concepts, which at times sorely lack minis.

Warren - July 15, 2020

I like to see more 1870-1930 military/civilian (freedom fighters) miniatures or Zulu tribesmen, Italian, Indian soldiers even Pulp style miniatures.

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