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FREE POSTAGE ANYWHERE IN THE WORLD when you spend over $50USD/£35 Use the button at the bottom of the page to choose your local currency.


The Winners!

The Winners!

We have a winner! After thousands of entries and votes and narrowing it down to the Top 12 we have our winner: 


This entry was submitted by Michael Stockdale who wins 12 sets of Wargames Atlantic miniatures. Congratulations Michael! 

The other Top 11 finalists will receive a box of their choice. In some cases, multiple people submitted the same or similar ideas so we took the person who entered it first. The 11 Runners Up are: 

 Death Fields Space Pirates
Sandy Wake
Multi-Species Alien Set
Matthew Spey
Apocalyptic Survivors
Kyle Bentley
Sci-fi Civilians
Derek Strachan
Modular Robots
Derek Hodge
Insurgent and Irregular Moderns
Christine Child
Cyberpunk Corporate Security
Alexander M Rawlings
WWI Italian Troops (Infantry, Arditi, Bersaglieri, Alpini)
Fabrizio Ferrara
Hooded/Robed Monks/Cultists
Nathan Flanders
Modern Military Generic Infantry
Joe Cox
Medieval European Peasants/Townspeople
Axel Schudak


Congratulations to all the winners! We will be emailing you to find out what you'd like for a prize. 

But...that's not begins the "Follow Along" part of the contest. We're going to speak with Michael about his entry and what he envisioned and discuss some ideas before we present this to the community. We'll be accepting your feedback and begin to show some designs as we move the Ogres into development.

But wait, there's even more: there is one last GIANT prize to award! One participant in the contest - either someone who submitted an idea or who voted and left their email - is going to be chosen to pick a second plastic set for us to develop.  First we have to get the Ogres into production but once they are off to tooling we will turn our attention to picking that last, big winner. 

So sit back and we will start the process with the Ogres and include you all in each step. Thanks to all of you who submitted ideas and voted! 

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Scott - May 31, 2021

Very excited for the ogres and a bunch of the other winning kits. Thanks for making a variety of eclectic and versatile kits, you’re really bringing the creative multipart plastic kits back to gaming for me.

If you can’t think of uses for them, or think there are only 2 games you can use them for, etc, you’re lacking imagination and exposure to the wide range of wargames out there.

Benjamin MacConnell - May 26, 2021

In terms of Age of Sigmar, despite fitting the visual aesthetic, Landsnecht Ogres would be not useful in a Cities of Sigmar army. They don’t have any ogres in that army, despite being a clearing house for half the races of the Old World.

It would be more useful in an Ogor Mawtribes army, as aesthetically deviant footsoldiers. Depending on if there’s any possibility of cheating a commander model with the sprue, you might even make it halfway functional. If nothing else, a bow MIGHT make a weird Warcry band. Like a bunch of “Ogors” that looted a Freeguild warehouse and made off with their threads (or bullied some seamtresses into making for them custom, whom they then devoured afterwards).

It would be a lot easier if it were possible in AoS to have Cities of Sigmar and Ogor Mawtribes units in one army. But even assuming it’s technically possible, they aren’t even in the same Grand Alliance. Meaning you don’t even have access to the barest allegience abilities.

In non-Warhammer terms, I HAVE been wanting to run that Germanic-inspired war campaign for DnD…

Eric Buyck - May 23, 2021

Very disappointed by the winner choice.
There is a lot of sets/referencces missing on the market and we get a bloddy set that nearly nobody can use properly.
Set of generic casualties for example (ancient deads/woundeds, medieval deads/woundeds,, etc…) or things realy expensive to buy in lead like chariots, elephants, camels, oxen….)
Will wait then. ; )
Cheers Eric –

Jeff - May 18, 2021

Landsknecht ogres? This has use for one gamer, the fantasy gamer and possibly the sci fi gamer but is useless for anything else. Disappointed. Guess I might as well invest in a 3D printer now.

Y. Whateley - May 16, 2021

For those worried that Wargames Atlantic won’t “fill out existing lines”, keep in mind that WA has not indicated these contest winners would replace existing product development and production, and that the weekly newsletters set out by WA tease a lot of sets that fill out those existing lines – for example, from the last two newsletters alone:

“Painters are working on boxes for four different sets, and sculptors have 7 sets on the go….”

I believe the sets that have been announced would include:

Boxer Chinese (Imperial Conquests)
Cannon Fodder (Death Fields)
Goblins (Classic Fantasy)
Late Romans (Blood Oaths?)
WWI/II French (The Great War / World Ablaze)
Spanish Conquistadors (new line?)
Thureophoroi (First Empires)
Eisenkern Panzerjägers (Iron Core)
Goths? (Blood Oaths)

Sneak Peeks: a WWI set, a fantasy set (ogres?), a set that looks like it might be black-powder of some sort (a set for Imperial Conquests or Napoleon’s Wars, maybe?), and, quoting from the teasers at the end of the newsletters: “more WWI sets are in planning”, “lots more for Dark Ages (Blood Oaths)”, “more ancients (First Empires)”, “more sci-fi and fantasy”, “a heck of a lot more WWII (World Ablaze)”….

That’s quite a lot of stuff coming up for existing lines!

Now, consider the contest winners:

Landsnecht Ogres (sci-fi/fantasy – could be Classic Fantasy and/or Death Fields, depending on how Wargames Atlantic play their cards) Death Fields Space Pirates (Death Fields) Multi-Species Alien Set (sci-fi/fantasy – possibly new sci-fi line?) Apocalyptic Survivors (sci-fi/fantasy, possibly new “modern” line?) Sci-fi Civilians (sci-fi/fantasy – possibly new sci-fi line?) Modular Robots (sci-fi/fantasy – possibly new sci-fi line?) Insurgent and Irregular Moderns (possibly new “modern” line?) Cyberpunk Corporate Security (sci-fi/fantasy – possibly new sci-fi line?) WWI Italian Troops (The Great War) Hooded/Robed Monks/Cultists (Blood Oaths and/or Classic Fantasy?) Modern Military Generic Infantry (possibly new “modern” line?) Medieval European Peasants/Townspeople (possibly Blood Oaths, Classic Fantasy, and/or a new medieval line?)

The contest winners include some great fits for existing lines (World Ablaze is represented, as well as Classic Fantasy and Death Fields), but that list of winners suggests only one or two new lines: a “Modern” line (or near-future/Cyberpunk/post-apocalyptic, for those insurgents, post-apocalyptic survivors, maybe cyberpunk guys, and the like), and/or a “Classic Sci-Fi” type line (for the aliens and robots, Sci-fi civilians, and maybe Cyberpunk guys).

Even the two outliers I can think of – the “medieval peasants” and “hooded monks/cultists” – seem likely fill out the existing Blood Oaths and/or Classic Fantasy lines!

So, it looks like Wargames Atlantic are planning pretty far ahead in their production schedules, their production seems to favor existing lines in the short term, and in the long term the only new lines I see them branching out into are “modern/near-future”, “classic sci-fi”, and whatever category the Spanish Conquistadores falls into (a new Renaissance line, perhaps?)

That’s not bad at all! Historical gamers in particular should take heart at the promise of “lots” of new sets for the WWI, WWII, Dark Ages, and First Empires lines! (Even as a pulp horror, fantasy, and sci-fi gamer, I’m pretty excited to see what these historical lines, as well as the Imperial Conquests line, bring!)

Y. Whateley - May 16, 2021

All it would take to expand the use of those Landsnecht Ogres beyond a niche fantasy audience would be to include sci-fi bits – et voila! you’ve got a set that does double-duty as a Death Fields faction!

Ian Bendelow - May 15, 2021

Aside from the obvious fantasy uses, the ogres can be kitbashed as 40k ogryns, chaos mutants and Blood Bowl players. What else can we do with them? :-)

Ian Bendelow - May 15, 2021

Some great ideas here. I would be interested in buying all of the final twelve. Love the cowled/robed monks/cultists, which would be useful for SF, fantasy, horror, medieval etc… Modular robots would be brilliant for SF and loads of board games.
Well done Wargames Atlantic. You are my favourite miniature company!

Scott - May 14, 2021

Marketing fail. Just because the children ride on the bus, doesn’t mean they get to drive the bus…..
Ogres cool, LANDSKNECHT maybe, LANDSKNECHT Ogres? Not so much.
This reminds me of the poll for the British research vessel “Boaty McBoat face”.
I really like this company, I hope they at least break even on this so we can get back to some of the better kits on the list.

Darren James Richardson - May 14, 2021

As a classic Warhammer Empire player, I’m so down for this set!

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